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11 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor

  1. Hello,
    I am a 7th grader journailst at Corrreia Middle School, and was wondering if the editor of “The Guardian” or a reporter of this newspaper would take time out of their day and come to talk to our class? If you are intersted, please follow up with my email.
    Thank you!

  2. The person who commented this is a product of UCSD’s sociology department and is currently a social worker. She lacks the empathy and understanding that is preached in sociology and should be understood as a social worker. She claims all transfers are “fuck ups” and personally calls me “stupid” for transferring. She has no concept of possible socioeconomic situations that would prevent a high school graduate from going to a university and concludes they’re all stupid if not going straight to a university. This is ridiculous and outrageous and not the kind of person that I want to represent my school in public. The entire thread can be found of the UCSD meme page.

  3. Hi – I was a photojournalist with the Guardian in 2002, and I took some photographs of Anthony Bourdain when the Guardian did a piece on him. I found the article online, but the photographs aren’t loading. If you plan on doing any sort of blurb on his passing, it might be fun to link to the article from when he was just getting his start. Or share a few of the photographs from when he visited UCSD, if you’re able to locate those.

    If you are able to locate them, I would be most appreciative if you could email digital copies to me for my file.

    Thanks so much

  4. Am the only person who dislikes the new Guardian format. You have to dis-assemble it before you can read it and the Sports section is part of the main paper, very inconvenient. As for Pet Corner, what a waste of space. Finally after a good read of the Sunday edition of the Observer the Berliner was ideal for a snooze, the new size is far too small. Please get back to the old style.

  5. Dear Editor,
    I am currently taking BILD 18: Human Impact on the Environment and have become aware of our current situation.
    One of the UN Millennium Developmental Goals is to “integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies…and reverse the loss of environmental resources.” However, the world is not doing a very good job of striving to reach this goal.
    Sustainability is linked to both human population and resource consumption. To increase sustainability we must decrease both. We cannot decrease only resource consumption, and continue the rate of human growth, as more resources will be needed to sustain the growing population. We also cannot only reduce the rate of population growth while keeping the same rate of resource consumption as we are all living unsustainably. We, as Americans, have an alarmingly high rate of consumption, most of it waste. If everyone in the world lived like us, we would need more than four worlds.
    Limiting human reproduction is very controversial as doing so seems to conflict with our rights. Many people assume that to limit human growth would result in extreme governmental regulation like China’s one-child policy. However, we do not need to resort to something so severe. The American culture needs to change. The traditional stereotype of a happy life is to have a spouse and children. We need to allow couples to freely choose whether or not they would want children, without having stigma if they choose not to.
    There are other effective ways to limit population growth. Mexico actually underwent some cultural change from 1970 to decrease the average number of children a woman from 6.8 kids to now 2.2 kids. Mexico allowed better access to family planning like contraception’s and abortions. Women were better educated and less likely to reproduce as often. Citizens were also made more aware with sex education.
    It is critical that we become more sustainable and to do so we need to focus on decreasing population growth and resource consumption. I mainly talked about solutions to the former. But we cannot forget about the latter. We need to focus on both and become more aware about both issues, for our the world’s sake.

    -Pamela H.

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  7. Do the campus liberals realize have a cafe named after a brutal dictator’s right hand man is like naming one after Adolph Hitler.

    Are they really that blind or that stupid?

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