Letter to the Editor: Fascism Anyone?

All statements about global warming, racial equality and LBGT rights were removed from the governmental web site within Trump’s first days in office, thus confirming expectations and fears that the environment and human rights will not be a priority. The U. S. has relied on a two-party system for a very long time. The Democratic Party has striven to implement a democratic form of government that promotes equality. The other party, formerly the Republican Party, has used gerrymandering, supported the non-democratic electoral college, used voter suppression and stuffed the electronic ballot to achieve power and promote their insidious agendas.  It can now — officially — be considered the Fascist Party. Every one of Trump’s selected appointees is consistent with his racist and sexists views, supported by White Supremacists, the American Nazi Party and the KKK.  How does it feel to be living under Fascism?

Milton Saier
Professor, Molecular Biology