Letter to the Editor: UCSD Shuttles and MTS Buses

Dear editor,

It is clear that our campus will never be able to cut down the shuttle services in order to build more spaces for bicyclists and pedestrians. UCSD shuttles and the busses from the Metropolitan Transit System have a new remodel bus stop in Gilman and Myers. In reality I don’t know how much money it took them but it took a small amount of time to build it. On the other hand, the constructions of lanes for pedestrians and bicyclists on campus have been really slow although that will benefit the environment. The majority of students who like to walk and bike to campus have to walk more or get down of their bikes because there is no space for the bicyclists.

My point here is that school is investing more on things that hurt the environment than on things that are better for our world. How can students know what is best for the environment if school, government and society are benefiting from what is hurting the environment. If people started to walk more and using they bicycle instead of having to do long lines for the shuttles or the 201 and 202, then the money we have could be use for bicycle lanes. Also, we can buy more solar panels to save energy on campus. Shuttle services and MTS have to be increasing the amount of busses to take students to school because of the long lines at each bus stop. As a UCSD community, we should think more about the future and learn different strategies to help the environment.

Gisell Arredondo