Lights & Sirens

Lights and Sirens is compiled from the Police Crime Log at
Tuesday, Oct. 29

8:32 p.m.: Medical Aid

▶An adult male passed out at Potiker Theater. Transported to hospital.

9:58 p.m.: Burglary to Vehicle

▶A vehicle was found with its window broken out at 1 Miramar Parking Structure. Unable to locate.

Wednesday, Oct. 30

8:57 a.m.: Illegal Camping

▶People were found casually sleeping in bushes near a walkway. Field interview conducted.

11:25 p.m.: Vandalism

▶Police reported $300 in damages due to graffiti in the first floor men’s restroom of Mandeville Center. Report taken.

Thursday, Oct. 31

1:20 a.m.: Petty Theft

▶Two males were found cutting bike locks — one of who possessed controlled substance and burglary tools. Closed by adult arrest.

9:15 a.m.: Unknown Injury Accident

▶A University of California golf cart collided with an unknown object, causing a passenger to hit their head on windshield and sustain a minor injury. Report taken.

Saturday, Nov. 2

5:58 a.m.: Citizen Contact

▶A male was found sleeping under bus bench while under the influence of a controlled substance. Closed by adult arrest.

Sunday, Nov. 3

12:27 a.m.: Non-Injury Accident

▶A male was arrested for backing up into a University of California vehicle and was charged with possession of alcohol in vehicle under the age of 21, driving without license and possession of Xanax. Closed by adult citation.

10:48 a.m.: Medical Aid

▶A female subject was injured during rugby game at Warren field. Transported to hospital.

Monday, Nov. 4

3:31 a.m.: Suspicious Person

▶A subject was seen sitting with open containers of alcohol. Warning issued.

7:45 p.m.: Medical aid

▶An adult female had a seizure at RIMAC. Transported to Hospital.

Wednesday, Nov. 6

12:33 p.m.: Petty Theft

▶An adult male was seen possibly stealing a bicycle. Unable to locate.

8:07 p.m.: Non-Injury Accident

▶A non-injury accident occurred between two golf carts. Information only.

Thursday, Nov. 7

1:00 p.m.: In Custody

▶A male with blond hair and blue eyes was shoplifting at the Price Center Bookstore. Closed by citation.