UC System to Partner with YouTube on UCTVPrime

UCTV is a statewide television channel that airs UC content. Since UCSD is the only campus with its own television channel (UCSD-TV) and facilities, UCTV is based on the La Jolla campus.

UCTV Communication Director Allison Gang said that this initiative uses YouTube’s new original channel format, which funds Web-exclusive content. 

“The university has three missions: teaching, research and public service,” Gang said. “UCSD-TV and UCTV have always been positioned as one of the public services that the university does.”  

Gang told the Daily Bruin in a Feb. 23 article that YouTube granted an initial $300,000 to UCTV to create mini-series and short documentaries. 

“The idea is that YouTube, over the course of the year will recoup its investment in these programs through advertising,” Gang said. “If enough revenue comes in, then YouTube would share revenue with UCTV, which would be used to fund the infrastructure of the network.”

The university will use the grant money to fund documentaries. UCTV expects to air up to 15 minutes of original content each week, beginning with a four-part mini-series called “Naked Art.” 

The documentary, which will air March 1, will explore the UC system’s public art collections. 

“UCTV has had a YouTube channel since 2006, but has basically replicated what has been aired on UCTV,” Gang said. ”It has just been a place to archive our videos.”