Antisemitic Vandalism Found in Sixth College Dorm Bathrooms


Image by Ellie Wang for The UCSD Guardian

Carter Castillo, News Editor

A video posted on Instagram shows a swastika made out of feces was found smeared onto a bathroom wall in the Kaleidoscope building of Sixth College on May 9. 

StopAntisemitism, a grassroots watchdog organization, posted the video showing the antisemitic vandalism with text on the video stating, “DISGUSTING! Feces swastikas found inside UCSD dorm bathroom,” and the caption “Expel & arrest!”

In an email to residents of the Kaleidoscope building, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Residence Life at Sixth College Anthony Jakubisin stated that unknown individuals vandalized the seventh floor Kaleidoscope restroom. The statement further explained the symbols were quickly removed and that campus police have launched an investigation. 

“Sixth College Student Affairs and Residence Life offer our support to anyone who may have been impacted by this unfortunate incident. Acts of racism, intolerance, and bigotry are not accepted in our community,” Jakubisin said. “We uphold the UC San Diego Principles of Community and expect our community members to do the same.” 

These acts of hatred come at a time of increasing antisemitism in California. The Anti-Defamation League published a report on May 9 reporting a large increase in antisemitic incidents in California over the last two years. The report also notes that, in 2022, the ADL found the highest number of antisemitic incidents in the organization’s history. 

In response to the incident, the Office of the Chancellor sent a university-wide email condemning the acts of hatred and antisemitism.

“We are angered and horrified by this and reaffirm that hate has absolutely no place at UC San Diego,” the statement read. “To our Jewish campus community members who were directly exposed to this hateful act, we regret any pain this may have caused. You are valued members of our UC San Diego family, and we are glad you are here.”

Jewish organizations inside and outside of campus condemned the acts of antisemitic violence. One such organization is the Hillel of San Diego, an organization for Jewish students at universities across San Diego. Associate Executive Director of Hillel of San Diego, Lisa Motenko, provided a statement to The UCSD Guardian regarding the incident. 

“Targeted hatred of this nature contributes to the rise of antisemitism on campuses across the country and makes Jewish students feel unsafe and unwelcome on our campus,” Motenko stated. “Hillel of San Diego is committed to countering antisemitism from every angle, including conveying to university leaders their responsibility to recognize and confront this serious threat.” 

Motenko commended the university’s response to the incident and offered support to students affected by the act of hatred. “We appreciate the university’s swift efforts to remove the offensive graffiti, investigate the incident and condemn antisemitism,” Motenko said. “Hillel professionals are available to support any students seeking a safe place to express their thoughts or gather in community.”