The Boston Bruins set a new NHL Record for Wins at 65


Jake Lannon, Senior Staff Writer

On April 13, the Boston Bruins closed out their historic season with a win against the Montreal Canadiens, setting an NHL record for wins in a season at 65 and breaking the previous record of 62. This win also set the record for the most points in a single season at 135, beating the previous record held by the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens at 132 points. At this point last season, the Boston Bruins had 51 wins and 107 points, which was good enough for 4th place in the Atlantic division. The Bruins now sit as the number one team in the NHL, destroying their previous season’s mark by 14 wins and 28 points. A culmination of great team play, star power, and coaching has turned a middle-of-the-pack Boston Bruins team into one of the most dominant teams in NHL history.


A coaching change was something the Boston Bruins’ management thought was best for the team, leading to the firing of coach Bruce Cassidy after a game 7 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Under Bruce Cassidy’s six seasons with the Boston Bruins, they never missed the playoffs, which is an impressive feat, but the team clearly believed that he wasn’t the man to lead them to a Stanley Cup. The Bruins decided to bring in former Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery, who was let go for off-the-ice “personal misconduct”; during his time away from coaching he dealt with the personal problems that led him astray. With his success, Montgomery has proven that redemption and change is possible for anyone who is struggling. Montgomery is one of the brightest minds in the NHL, and with the implementation of his coaching system into the team, the Bruins were able to dominate their opponents. Many players were able to set personal statistical highs under Montgomery’s coaching. He was able to facilitate an environment where the players could succeed, and in return the team would do better than anyone else in the history of the NHL. 


Excellent roster building has put the Bruins in a position to succeed at a historical level as well. General Manager Don Sweeney deserves credit for the decisions he made over the past year and a half, with the hiring of Montgomery and the addition of new players who had a large impact on this roster. Goaltender Linus Ullmark and defender Hampus Lindholm were two additions from the previous year who were able to bring their highest level of performance this season. Ullmark is the statistical leader in save percentage at an incredible 93.8% and has the lowest goals against average. He also led the NHL in plus/minus differential at 50, making him one of the most impactful players in the NHL. Sweeny was able to trade for Dmitry Orlov, Garnet Hathaway, and Tyler Bertuzzi at this year’s trade deadline, adding to the team’s depth and ability to rotate players at the highest level.


A career year from right winger David Pastrnak has powered the Bruins to the historic heights they have reached. The former 25th overall pick in 2014 was able to score 61 goals and contribute 52 assists, a career high in both categories. Pastrnak turned from a very good right winger to an elite player in the NHL. His offensive output has heavily contributed to the elite offense that the Bruins were able to produce on the ice. Pastrnak not only had scored the second most goals in the NHL, he also led the NHL in game winning goals at 13. Pastrnak on his own was able to contribute directly to 13 wins for the Bruins, which is an astronomical number. His performance in high-pressure moments has been integral to the Bruins winning. Pastrnak’s rise to superstar status has helped lead the Bruins to the unbeatable team that they currently are. 


The Boston Bruins’ historical achievement could not have been accomplished without the additions they made in the offseason and the career years from their star players. It was a collective effort, from elite coaching to elite playmaking, from the team as a whole. The Bruins seem poised to win their seventh Stanley Cup in their franchise’s history, and their first since 2011. 


Image Courtesy of Lulu of Flickr.