A.S. Council Week 5 and 6: Budgets for ASCE and Sun God, Food and Housing Resources

Nikita Cardozo

This article was written with UCSD Guardian News Editorial Assistant Kaitlin Lee as part of our ongoing coverage of Associated Students Council meetings.

Week 5

During their meeting on Oct. 26, the A.S. Council listened to presentations about the proposed budgets for various student organizations, including KSDT Radio, Office of Concerts and Events (ASCE), as well as budgeting for Sun God Festival. They also made decisions about the total budget for the Office of Communications.

Lili Follett, the manager of KSDT Radio, proposed their 2022-2023 budget. The station would like to increase their stipends, from $80 to $100 per week, in order to compete with other college radio stations. The stipends would help them attract more talent. 

Next, CCO Kharrylle Rosario sponsored a special presentation regarding the ASCE Fall Revise Budget. They would like to increase the Bear Garden Senior Send-Off Line Item, which would provide for more games, food, free merchandise, and more activities to help celebrate UCSD graduates. They would also like to increase the budget for the Sun God Festival from $813,000 to $913,000 due to inflation, supply chain challenges, and wage increases. In particular, the cost of production, safety, and security have largely increased from 2019-2022. In the Sun God Festival 2022 feedback survey, which received more than 3,800 responses, many students claimed they would like to see changes in the musical performances and the food vendors. 

Then, Rosario sponsored the presentation regarding the Office of Communications 2022-2023 budget. The Office of the Chief Communication Officer proposed a total budget of $170,250; ASCE proposed a budget of  $1,475,000; Office of Spirit and Athletics proposed $177,500; the Office of Food and Housing Resources proposed $49,000; the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion proposed $100,400. 

Week 6

During their meeting on Nov. 2, the A.S. Council listened to special presentations about on-campus housing and food.

First, a special presentation on Housing, Dining, Hospitality sponsored by A.S. President Sky Yang was introduced. UCSD currently has 18,022 beds on campus today and ranks third in the nation for student housing inventory. With the opening of the Theater District Living and Learning Neighborhood in Fall 2023, UCSD will once again offer a two-year undergraduate on-campus housing guarantee. The Theater District Living and Learning Neighborhood will also be the future home for 2,000 undergraduate residents when it opens in Fall 2023 and offer more than 1,300 parking spots. The Pepper Canyon West Living and Learning Neighborhood will provide housing for transfer and upper-division undergraduates when it opens in Fall 2024. The Ridge Walk North Living and Learning Neighborhood will be the new home for Thurgood Marshall College and provide housing for 2,400 undergraduates when it opens in Fall 2025. 

Next, Yang sponsored the presentation by the Food Security Environmental Justice Enterprise. In a survey conducted by A.S., it was discovered that the number one area of student ranked interest was food and housing resources. By investing in a premium luxury brand, La Jolla Farms, A.S. could help provide organic and fresh food for students living on campus. La Jolla Farms is an affluent coastal area that contains part of Black’s Beach. They could provide food to HDH markets and dining halls, local stores and restaurants, and farmers markets with the profits going towards student grants, financial aid, and scholarships. 

A.S. Council meetings take place at 6 p.m. every Wednesday and are open to students. Students can participate in these meetings by joining their Zoom link or tuning in on Facebook Live.

Art by Ava Bayley for the UCSD Guardian