California’s Budget Surplus to Provide Second Round of Stimulus Checks

With a $75.7 billion budget surplus, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently proposed a second round of stimulus checks for Californians. The announcement cited a need to support low-income Californians and Californians facing financial burdens because of COVID-19. The additional round of stimulus checks is part of the proposed $100 billion California Comeback Plan, proposed by Newsom last Monday. The plan proposes nearly $12 billion in direct cash payments to those largely affected by the pandemic.

Earlier in February, Newsom approved a one-time state stimulus check payment of either $600 or $1200 to eligible California residents, otherwise known as the Golden State Stimulus. The payments are based on 2020 tax returns, filed this year, and will be issued after the returns are processed by the state. Time estimates for payments vary based on when an individual filed their tax returns. 

In Newsom’s new California Comeback Plan, the Golden State Stimulus will be expanded upon to include a second round of stimulus payments of $600. Families with dependents, including undocumented families, may also be eligible for an additional payment of $500.

To be eligible to receive the Golden State Stimulus checks, an individual must have filed their 2020 taxes and be either a California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) recipient or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) filer who made $75,000 or less in 2020. The individual must also live in California for more than half of the 2020 tax year, be a California resident on the date a payment is issued, and cannot be eligible to be claimed as a dependent. 

Generally, CalEITC recipients will receive $600 in payment, but those who also filed with an ITIN and made $75,000 or less in 2020 are eligible for a $1200 payment. 2020 tax returns must be filed by Oct. 15 2021 to receive the stimulus payments. 

The state budget surplus was a result of an income tax structure that collected the majority of its revenue from high-income earners in the state, as well as a surge in the stock market and a successful transition to remote working for most professionals.

The additional round of stimulus checks was also proposed in part due to a state constitutional amendment that requires tax rebates when state revenues exceed a maximum on government spending. 

Darya Verzhbinsky, a fourth-year UC San Diego student from Earl Warren College majoring in computer science, said that the stimulus checks seemed to be too little too late. 

“I hope that it makes a difference but I also hear that it doesn’t make enough of a difference and that if they’re going to do them, they should do them more often and regularly,” Verzhbinsky said. “I don’t know if now there’s as much demand for them because things are opening up and people are getting their jobs back, but definitely in the worst of the pandemic, I think a lot of people were upset about it not being enough.”

While the need for more stimulus checks have been widely debated, several other economic experts also echoed the same sentiments, including James Hamilton, a professor of economics at UCSD, who said that stimulus checks at this time was not the best move for the governor. 

“There are times when more fiscal stimulus is what the economy needs, but this isn’t one of them,” Hamilton said in a San Diego Union-Tribune article. “Federal spending and deficits have been massive, and monetary policy is keeping the accelerator floored. I think inflation and supply shortages will turn out to be the big economic story for 2021. I would encourage the governor to focus on trying to stop the exodus of high-paying jobs from California.”

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57 thoughts on “California’s Budget Surplus to Provide Second Round of Stimulus Checks

  1. The explanation for the exclusion of Social Security recipients, that you have to file a tax return in order to be eligible, is not true. SSI recipients DO qualify without filing a tax return. And the excuse that SSDI and SS are federal programs doesn’t fly either. SSI is a federal program too. There is no excuse for excluding Social Security recipients receiving less than $30,000 but including tax filers earning up to $75,000.

  2. I’m really upset that people on SSDI who are broke by the end of the month & can not make ends meet are not included in the Golden State Stimulus but yet Newsom expanded it to middle class and undocumented California residents.
    I worked for years & paid into social security, was born in California & never lived anywhere else and yet financially struggle because my income is below the standard & at poverty level, I’m not married or living with a partner so my income is all that comes in monthly.

    I don’t understand how married middle class bringing home 2 paychecks qualify for the stimulus and us who worked & paid into social security so we could qualify for SSDI are being penalized and the cost of living is going up, prices of food, gas, toiletries, medical supplies, everything has increased to where I’m at an even great financial hardship because SSDI hasn’t increased incomes to compensate for inflation or the higher cost of living.

    I feel the disabled California’s on SSDI are being targeted & discriminated against. I know my health has declined significantly due to added stress of not making ends meet monthly.

  3. I am a retired 74 year old, single woman with one adult Son who does not live with me. I live alone. My only income is my Social Security check, once a month. Last year my total income was $19,000. I am a native Californian an live in California. I have a hard tome making ends meet snd my landlord just Increased my rent by $100 a month. I did not qualify to receive the first Golden Stimulus. I pray that I will get the second. Will I be able to receive it?

  4. I have have been raised here in California and never moved out of California. I have worked and paid my taxes which I worked hard for what I had for my family until my knees gave on me to where I had surgeries on both knees and was put on SSDI which put me down to A below poverty level income . That was hard.
    I paid my does here in California to be told that I’m not able to receive $600 Because I’m not eligible???
    Many people have the same kind of story that I have. You guys are miss handling your money for Californians. Lining five people with $1.5 million and 15 people with $50,000 when you could’ve spread it wisely and Evenly among the people Like you could’ve done a stimulus package of maybe 1000 for every house. It may not be much but it does help compared to nothing for most of these people that worked hard that did pay their taxes until sad circumstances of working hard to be put on an income that brings you below poverty. The system is broken it needs to be fixed and lotteries are not the best answer to solve some of these issues you guys put on this state.

  5. Can anyone answer this question please, People who make under the $75.000 and filed their taxes and do not have kids will they too be getting a check. Thank you.

  6. My son works a whole 80 hrs per month and filed his taxes b4 April 15th, makes a whopping 800 per month. Has direct deposit, hasn’t received anything from the state. He’s trying to get on disability because he really is disabled! He can only work the 80 hrs because it’s super light work and can do it any time day or night. I’m on disability and haven’t received anything. We had to file for renters credit that hasn’t been paid yet, (going to be kicked out mid July just when I have to have a major surgery) and still no California stimulus and we don’t qualify for anything else. Please send the stimulus so we can have 1 more month in a home so I can heal some before being homeless! Any help will be appreciated 🙏 I’m so desperate right now! 😢😭

  7. How long after we file our 2020 taxes,can we expect to get a surpluss California stimulus check?

  8. Wow. A lot of people commenting that don’t know how anything works. Undocumented get stimulus IF they have a tax number. That means, if they filed their taxes. Yes undocumented workers file their taxes and pay IN so that WE can use their tax money, even though they get ridiculed when they try to get it back. They have also worked all their lives and should be able to get some relief.the ones trying hard to obey the rules yet still haven’t become citizens because of government BS shouldn’t have to work and pay in taxes if they don’t get the benefits from it. ALSO, some of the people on Ssi and ssdi did not receive their stimulus because it is being sent out on June 7th. Some didn’t receive it because they didn’t file an income tax. You must file one even if your income is 0 in order to get some of the federal and state stimulus money. And yes, homeless people did get stimulus checks. If you read the instructions, and do what they tell you then you will get one. If you just sat there and did nothing and waited for a check, you probably didn’t get one. It’s common sense that people with kids,people who worked and filed taxes( including undocumented immigrants) and elderly disabled get stimulus checks. They then spend that money in the store people with more money own, then everyone wins. How is this so hard to grasp.? Children,disabled,homeless,elderly get extra money to buy things that others who don’t qualify for the checks sell. Get up off your butts, apply for the assistance then you’ll get it. Also, I see many in here complaining about dems,newsom,deus,, ect. Then turning around and saying where’s my check. Well if you don’t think tax money should go for deus demands then please don’t ask where your check is. I mean really can you be bought that easily? If you woukd have gotten your check woukd you have blamed the deus for your financial help? I doubt it. Grow up and get you business done, then you will be a a part of the system that works for most people who can read directions.

  9. I’m on SSI & SSDI I recieved my $600 STIMULUS CHECK LAST WEEK so anyone speeding rumors that SSI etc. etc. wont recieve the Golden State stimulus are false. I cant stand people who spend there time trying to spread false rumors in the Hope’s of hurting people. How sad and pathetic these people are.

  10. The Governor Will Help Illegal People That Is Not Citizens And We Work All Our Life And Voted Him In The Office . I Received My Dead Husband Social Security And A Senior Citizen And Struggle To Keep A Roof Over Our Head. We All Stop Voting For Those Lying Ass Hole Both Gavin And Biden They Worst Than Republicans All Of Them Are Liars

  11. Well, frankly, since these dims made me lose my job and my housing, and I have kids and still can’t get on my feet due to their continued bs, this is the LEAST they can do. I’m not for the increasing dependence on the state either. I mean, this is not altruistic on their part, they want us to no longer have anything of our own, it’s part of their sick agenda….but considering they DO have all this money just sitting around, and we normally pay our taxes towards their insane bs, including furthering their ‘identity politics’ and crap like that, I say, keep giving out this money. It’s too little too late, they should’ve done it a year ago. But it’s better than nothing. I mean, I feel like I should demand they buy me a house, since they messed up my life so badly. Housing where I am is a total joke.

  12. Man ive never heard so much whining in my life not even from the democrats that were whining for 4yrs because Donald Trump got elected ! What is every one going to do when they stop giving this funny money out all together because hold on to your asses you better believe somthing terrible is coming and I say we’re seeing that right now less jobs created way less then biden promised! inflation rising like crazy and gas prices and shortages thankyou Biden for stopping the pipelines oh but russias building one so is china who ever voted for this man with his tired politics who is a lier and a fake hes also a racist just look at all his policies going back for years intact what has he don in 35 years of being a so called public servant? Please un woke your selves and wake the hell up to this godless far extreme left power grab !

  13. Why do illegal immigrants get help before citizens .why people on general assistance left out

  14. Why do illegal immigrants get help before citizens .why people on general assistance left out

  15. Seniors are always forgotten about and left behind we are part of the most vulnerable, yet we do not qualify for the Golden State stimulus if we are on SSDI or social security. With food prices, gas prices and the everyday essentials going up why are we not included. I also think that seniors should be added to the WIC program they should call it WICS women infant children and seniors. We need to eat nutritionally as well. I think we need to protest

  16. Till this day I haven’t received anything but everyone else around me did specially the ones on unemployment but yet I haven’t so idk where I went wrong but I don’t think it’s fair to the people that haven’t received and are eligible and I filled my taxes in March and still nothing

  17. So only those who get the EIC or who file without a SSN qualify? What about those who do not qualify for EIC but make less then $40,000 and file with a SSN ( i.e. me) are we out of luck?

  18. Lots of lies here. People on SS got their CA Golden state stimulus. If you didn’t get yours, there must be something else wrong.

  19. What about California’s homeless, will they also receive stimulus payments?Why not take money you would give to people here illegally and place homeless Americans in motels? That seems like a wise use of stimulus. Charity begins at home, no American should be left homeless.

  20. Where is the $600 stimulus that the governor had promised I am eligible for that stimulus

  21. Why the hell did Newsom leave out people on SSDI while he included those on SSI?… We’re hurting just as bad… I mean It’s insulting… And no one will give me an answer why… I feel like a throw away person as it is left out of any kind of serious conversation even when I effects me… This just shows that people with disabilities are second class citizens… We get killed by cops… No one bats an eye… 30 to 50% of all fatal police encounters are with disabled people… Why no march for our injustice… We can even get paid a subminimum wage legally and thats not like tip work… I can’t marry my fiance because of an utterly ridiculous SSA rule… So thanks Gov Newsom for reminding me again just how much I don’t matter…

  22. This whole stimulus business, from both the Feds and the state, is so confusing, that it boggles the mind. I’m clearly low income, my SS RETIREMENT roughly 12 grand, and a struggle with health problems. I’m assuming that I qualify, but after reading some of these posts, I an now getting worried. I’m not required to but I filed taxes, as that was a requirement. Help!

  23. The California stimulus should help Californians not people who are here illegally. I don’t understand why this is even in question??

  24. The California stimulus should help families in need those who are middle class as well as those who receive SSI. There is no way California’s priority should be to help people who are here illegally it just doesn’t make sense??

  25. I filed my tax last February and until now I haven’t receive my golden state stimulus while my co- worker that that filed at the same time with me received hers on April 15

  26. Wish someone would answer all the questions it’s so confusing don’t know who’s getting the golden state and when

  27. I work my A$$ off and I get nothing FREE in return but higher taxes and paying for other health working bodies to receive additional(extra)money & benefits from the government. I don’t understand how low income people are getting so much money & help . Hell, they get free benefits every month… Something is wrong with our government. Help the middle class and take from the ones who’s constantly living off the fat of the land.

  28. i worked my ass off all my life and raised a family In now on SSI wheres my calif. stimulas this pamdimic i lost my home dont qualify for help cuz you must be homeless 1 yr. and mentally ill or a drug addict i am not either ! and ssi the last to get stimulas right i say recall Newsome hes a joke !!!!!!!!!

  29. There is no California budget surplus! Even with the federal taxpayer’s money being poured into the state, there are billions in un-funded retirement benefits not being addressed! What the blazes is going on in Sacramento? Why aren’t we building coastal desalination facilities instead of bullet trains to Stockton? Where are the adults?

  30. I really wonder if all the people on here complaining “illegal aliens” get a stimulus check understand that anyone issued an ITIN is NOT an illegal resident, or if they just like using inflammatory words to blame anyone for their grievances? If someone is issued an ITIN, then they can’t/ don’t have a SSN, but they do pay taxes. They are registered with the government.

    But sure, yall go off 😒

  31. I’m on social security our govener is not making it clear if I qualify for the golden state stimulus. I filed taxes all my life & they say illegals are going to get the golden state stimulus that is very wrong. Is like to know if I’m going to get it or not & when I will receive it.

  32. It really is disgusting that because my soon to be ex and I had to file married filing seperate that makes us not eligible for the california stimulus yet illegal aliens are? What the flock kind of shit is this? That’s such a disgrace to those of us who get our asses taxed to the hilt our working lives but someone can just sneak on in here , be here illegally and get our tax payers dollars . No wonder people don’t like newsome now I get why

  33. Hi Anthony from Stockton, Don’t have a Cow ? Understand what is Going on With The Golden State relief Payment, YES Everyone On SSI Soc-Sec … Will Receive The Payment ? Ok But Like It Says .. Later This Summer ‘ So July .. Exsept The Payment .. I think Before People make Rude comments like piss off ? Is So Unnecessary ? .. be patient you’re lucky you’re getting any at all from that idiot governor of ours ? You Shud Know the State Of California is a sideshow 4 clowns first they had Schwarzenegger .. which was a joke and now they want to turn Sacramento into another freak Show ? With that Bruce Jenner Chick Lol God What A Joke .. is it a state of California criticize enough .. peace out friends 😆

  34. I’m money SSDI I haven’t received anything, I don’t have to file taxes.. but your will to give illegal immigrants the money but not people like me who are citizens that could really use the money… I’m considered low income I make less then 11000.00 a year, but because I don’t file federal or state taxes I don’t qualify… I believe there is something wrong with this, I believe SSDI should be included to get this money… I get 859.00 a month and struggle each and every money, I’m pissed cause I know I won’t see any of this money… but a ILLEGAL WILL, B.S

  35. Is it true that Social security recipients are not getting the Golden state Stimulus Why ? I think that they are the most needed people.

  36. Ok, so, my husband and I work, use our soc sec numbers to file our taxes (not an ITIN), have an AGI of less than 75k….so we get anything???

  37. People on SSI are the last to receive the 600 Cal stimulus check. Why are we always. last? I worked 2 jobs to support my children for many years. I just don’t know why our Government can not help us faster. We need help too.

  38. Hi, I tax filed 2020 in the month of February 2021 . I’m eligible for stimulus for 45 days passed. Still haven’t received yet. I m expecting…!

  39. People on SSI SSP will get the $600 stimulus but may not get that until July because California had to make arrangements with the social security administration.

  40. I receive both social security and ssi as my monthly california retirement benefits. Will I be included in this $600 stimilus plan?

  41. Has anybody found out at people receiving ssi SDI are going to receive the golden state stimulus and when?I I’m not required to file taxes but I did buy on my state and paid for it but they still don’t have record of that I hope that’s not holding up My chances of getting Golden state stimulus

  42. Hi, I tax filed 2020 in the month of March 2020 . I’m eligible for stimulus for 45 days passed. Still haven’t received yet. I m expecting…!

    Thank you Golden State.

  43. I am also on ssi and I haven’t received the 600 for the cal stimulus

  44. Ian On SSI I Haven’t Received Nothing Yet. What Going On With The Stimulus Check When Will We Received It. The Bill Was Pass In February???.

  45. Yes I’m at social Security and I only live on that app it’s not very much money I make like 12,000 a year and I don’t file taxes how could I get the Golden State stimulus check. [email protected]
    Mary Ann Loera

  46. I’m on SDI i did receive the 600 back in february, will the results be the same for me again? Need to know please$

  47. You are setting a second round but what about the ssi that is supposed to receive them as well…I am on ssi and haven’t seen my first one…

  48. You are setting a second round but what about the ssi that is supposed to receive them as well…I am soon ssi and haven’t seen my first one…

  49. Yes we still need help even if things are opening people still are nit getting jobs back. Companies have cut back and froze hiring for now. Yet families need to eat and pay rents that are behind. The stimulus checks need to be more consistent. People I know have hours cut and have nit received the regular stimulus for themselves or children. Why families are being left out?

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