An Unexpectedly High 2018 Admission Yield Prompts UCSD to Rush to Find Housing

UC San Diego saw an unexpected increase in admission yield this fall, contrasting the lower expected yield for the quarter. The growing admission yield is consistent with the recent pattern of a growing number of enrolled students at the university.

Every year UCSD admits a certain number of students based on the percentage of students who are expected to accept the offer of admission. Usually, not every student who is admitted will accept the offer, but this year the admission yield was higher than predicted. This fall, UCSD’s enrollment rate was at least 10 percent higher than expected.

“We thought we’d get about 21 percent of the students we admitted, but the figure was in the 30s,” Chancellor Pradeep Khosla told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

According to UCSD Interim Communications Manager Christine Clark, currently there are 15,803 students living on campus this fall. Out of those 15,803, 11,562 students are undergraduates and 4,241 are graduate students.

UCSD’s Office of the Registrar statistics depict an increasing enrollment pattern. There are a total of 30,285 undergraduate students enrolled for Fall 2018, which is almost 2,000 more than 28,587 undergraduate students who were enrolled in Fall 2017.

With this increasing enrollment trend, UCSD has taken action in preparation of an escalating undergraduate enrollment with the current construction of several housing projects.

“We currently have the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood under construction for 2,000 undergraduate beds, opening in 2020,” Clark said. “The Living and Learning Neighborhood is currently being constructed on what was once the P207 and P208 lots between [John] Muir College and [Thurgood] Marshall College.”

Two more projects will house graduate students, opening in 2020. Nuevo West will hold 808 beds, and Nuevo East will hold 1,356 beds.

Marshall Residential Life declined to comment on the housing shortage for additional students not accounted for in the expected admissions yield.

photo by Christian Duarte