Tritons Sweep Stanislaus State in Weekend Series

The UC San Diego men’s baseball team faced off against California State University, Stanislaus in a four-game series. The Tritons overcame the Warriors and improve to 20–12 in California Collegiate Athletic Association play.

Game 1

Stanislaus State quickly secured an opening RBI in the first inning. Following the opening run, neither team could really get things going. In the fifth inning, however, Stanislaus scored another homerun off a single ball sent to the left side.

In a 2–0 deficit headed into the sixth inning, the Tritons dug down. The sixth was a particularly successful inning — UCSD had its most hits of the game at that point. With all three bases loaded, redshirt junior infielder Alex Eliopulos nailed a double to send two Tritons home.

UCSD held Stanislaus State at bay and stayed focused going into the final inning. In the ninth, Eliopulos sent a single down the middle for his third RBI of the game. The Tritons take game 1, 3–2.

Game 2

Riding the momentum of Friday’s game, UCSD took game 2 by storm. Redshirt freshman infielder Blake Baumgartner opened up the game with a homerun to the left middle. In addition to a run of his own, Baumgartner also earned an RBI for junior first-baseman Tyler Durna. Stanislaus State replied with a run of their own in the second.

Undeterred, the Tritons kept their foot on the gas pedal. A triple by redshirt sophomore utility Keenan Brigman gave Eliopulos and redshirt freshman infielder Blake Baumgartner two easy runs. An RBI single by redshirt junior catcher Michael Palos gave UCSD a 5–1 lead.

Smelling blood, UCSD did not relent — the Tritons blew open the game in the fifth inning with 6 total runs. Already at an 11–1 advantage, UCSD played until the end; the team scored 6 more homeruns in the final three innings and only gave up one. UCSD takes game 2, 17–2.

Game 3

Stanislaus State looked to send a message in the first inning of game 3, starting off the game with a quick RBI double. UCSD answered in the second inning with 5 runs of its own. Redshirt sophomore utility Steven Schuknecht scored UCSD’s 1st run, scoring off a fielder’s choice to first base.

With the score at 5–1 in the third inning, the Warriors, a flyball out to left field gave Stanislaus State their second and final run of the game. Almost as if in response, UCSD senior infielder Justin Beck sent the ball screaming down the right field line for a homerun. In the fourth inning, Beck hit a single toward the left field and earned an RBI single off of a run by Schuknecht. Not satisfied, UCSD scored 2 more runs in the fifth inning: redshirt freshman outfielder Brandon Stewart and freshman infielder Shay Whitcomb secured the runs.

UCSD takes game 3, 9–2.

After defeating Stanislaus State in game 4, UC San Diego looks to play California State University, San Bernardino in a four-game series. The first two games will be at home for UCSD: 6 p.m. on both Thursday, April 19 and Friday, April 20. The following two games will be played as a doubleheader on Saturday, April 21. Opening pitch for the doubleheader is set for 12 p.m.