Letters to the Editor: International Edition

Dear Editor of the Guardian,

As a woman ‘of pensionable age’ born in London and brought up in Cornwall by right wing ‘British’ parents, I’m considered to be 100-percent British. No fear for me of receiving the warning letter from the Home Office that I might be required to go home to where I came from.

I recently had the results of a DNA analysis (bought as a Christmas present). I am informed that I am nine-percent British, 59-percent Northern European and 24-percent Irish. I was completely unaware of this until now. My question is, in the spirit of fairness, should I perhaps swap with an honourable University or NHS ‘European national’ worker who has been sent ‘the letter’ threatening deportation —  someone maybe who might even possibly have a higher ‘British’ DNA count than myself? This could become a trend perhaps. Just an idea — those with higher British DNA counts get to stay. Those with lower are asked to leave.

I could then maybe ‘go home’ — somewhere. At the very least, could I have my European citizenship returned to me post Brexit — please?

Love and Peace,

Jacquelyn Miles-Windmill

South Wales



Dear Sir,

It is quite a possibility that Donald Trump will be the first President of United States not to go grey while in office.

Jane Adams  

W10   London




How should we react to Trump’s plans, especially him wanting to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change? My advice: Keep it simple and ignore him, i.e. refuse all dealings with his administration, boycott trade with the USA, etc., etc. (sorry Mrs. May). If we can get the majority of countries on this planet to do just that, then all we need do is stand back and watch with glee as he throws all his toys out of the pram. And good luck to us all!

Rebecca Abbott

W3 London


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