Dalai Lama to Speak at Commencement

The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, will be making two speaking appearances at UC San Diego for the start of his U.S. tour at the end of the academic year, the Office of the Chancellor announced this afternoon. His Holiness will first speak at a public event on June 16, followed by the keynote address at the invitation-only UC San Diego All Campus Commencement on June 17.

Khosla praised the exiled religious leader in a campuswide email, saying the values he advocates align with UC San Diego’s philosophies.

“We are honored to host His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama at UC San Diego and thankful that he will share messages of global compassion with our graduates and their families, as well as with a broad public audience,” Khosla wrote. “A man of peace, the Dalai Lama promotes global responsibility and service to humanity. These are the ideals we aim to convey and instill in our students and graduates at UC San Diego.”

The visit is in partnership with the The Friends of the Dalai Lama Foundation, a nonprofit established by Ven. Lama Tenzin Dhonden in order to better assist the Dalai Lama in spreading his ideas of peace and compassion.

“This shall be a very special visit. San Diego loves His Holiness,” Lama Tenzin Dhonden said in a statement. “His Holiness will come to San Diego to share an authentic message of peace and human value as the students enter their professional lives. The seeds of kindness and compassion shall sprout through their future work and spread these basic values throughout the world. Parents and members of the community will be able to share the celebration of graduation while receiving this message.”

The Dalai Lama previously spoke at UC San Diego in 2012.

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  1. Hahaha the Dalai Lama is terrorist?? It’s ridiculous. I swear people don’t even think before they open their mouth. We have terrorists in Syria, Afghanistan, Yermen and across the world blowing ppl up. But, these people call Dalai Lama the terrorist? Such a low knowledge ppl. They study in free country but ,still carry the communist mindset and hatred. Dalai Lama never hated Chinese thogh they took away his country and his rights. Dalai Lama always to try to use non violence and peace talk with communist party but these ppl don’t have common sense and reason. And, they call him a terrorist.
    The terrorists should bomb china instead of France, so these ppl would know real terrorists.

  2. Don’t let those CSSA thugs try to shut down freedom of speech on American campuses. This is the US not the PRC. Don’t give an inch, UCSD. Not in this country. If CSSA is surveilling students, then they should be banned from campuses. This affects US students as well, as the PRC govt. routinely denies visas to foreign scholars and tries to control what they publish. Don’t like it? Go practice the “seven no says” in China. The US and other countries must address this growing challenge to liberal democracies. https://www.buzzfeed.com/jimwaterson/the-chinese-embassy-told-durham-universitys-debating-society?utm_term=.hyZ7APGWN#.cvbX4nBYO

  3. Yong, the Dalai Lama lives in Nepal and India, so how would he be able to have slaves and kill people in Tibet which he was forced to leave as a kid thanks to the invasion of tibet by China?! Read a historybook instead of spreading lies and twisted interpretations

  4. I AM FROM TIBET. I WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH. I grew up in Lhasa, Tibet. I know our history very well. Our country was a beautiful country also known as the Land Of Snow or highest plateau. We were independent before China occupied Tibet. As neighbors we had good relationship with China before Communist party. To make it short, when Mao Zedong took over China, he wanted to demolish all temples, monasteries and basically destroyed Buddhism in china. Mao Zedong saw great resources and raw materials in Tibet. He wanted to annex Tibet to benefit the newly growing nation People’s Republica Of China. Then, plans, and schemes were created to win Tibet. …… invasion happened. China was strong and large compare to small Tibetan armies. Tibet was defeated and hundreds of thousands of Buddhist temples were destroyed, monks and nuns were killed, tortured and force out of temples. On March 10,1959 All Tibetans inside Tibet rised up and went out on striking and the uprising ended in violent, brutal. Chinese government secure the cities and killed everyone on the streets. World journalists and medias were blocked from entering Tibet. The Wolrd knows so little because no medias were allowed in Tibet. …. of course you know all communists’ tactics, just like when Soviet Union took over Eastern Germany, they tried to create Eastern Germans as their mini-soviet union. China created facts to back up their fabricated history. Communist party created a brand new history for Tibet and was taught at school, military academy, and throughout China, even in Tibet. I grew up with Chinese national anthem. Never seen our flag and Tibetan money. We want to be free from communist party. I don’t like China Communist party because they are brainwasher and fake. They destroyed 5000 yrs of Chinese culture and values. They are fake to their own citizens… Mao Zedong killed so many people in China…. tenement Square massacre. I don’t blame these Chinese students. They are brainwashed by the communist party. I want China to become democratic country. Try to bring democracy and freedom in China instead of blindly protecting a brutal communist party.

    1. stop lying tsomo. Mao Zedong dead more than 20years before so called “Tianamen Square Massarce” happened, even if there was any massacre occurred in Tiananmen Square. And people like you always said they came from Tibet and they saw Chinese communist killing residents there blablabla, but the truth is my mom who cames from inner land was a teacher there, the relationship between original Tibet student and my mom was very peaceful. Sham on u and UCSD.

    2. Tsomo’s comment is just so funny. You said that you are truly from Tibet. And “Mao kill so many people……Tenement Square massacre”. The truth is that Mao Zedong passed away around 1980. And the so-called Tenement Square Event happened in 1989. How could a dead person kill people? You lier and shame on you. We never deny some drawbacks (though many are created or exaggerated by people like you) and people in China tried their best to improve civil right. How could you deny all the efforts and say that we are brainwashed? Truly shame.

    1. On what foundation do you call the Dalai Lama, the impersonation of peace and respect for all living beings a terrorist?
      What is wrong with your perception?

      1. Dalai have slaves in Tibet and kill lots of people who don’t obey him. He is a murder and liar! If you want to know the truth , ask people who live in Tibet and don’t believe shit things online with him.
        Shame on UCSD

        1. I guess you can also borrow the Trumpism of “alternate facts”. Somehow ALL newspares NYT, LA Times, Washingtonpost are wrong!

          Perhaps we can make up some “alternative facts” like “Dalai Lama runs a terrorist training center” and he is a terrorist!

          The bottom line is The COmmies don’t have the courage to debate Dalai Lama one on one.

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