Lights & Sirens

Friday, Jan. 17
9:03 a.m.: Suspicious Person
Police received reports of a possible transient sleeping in a grassy area near the Biomedical Library. Unable to locate.
6:43 p.m.: Fire Alarm
The subject activated a fire alarm pull station in the Village West Building 4. Report taken.

Saturday, Jan. 18
11:58 p.m.: Medical Aid
The subject was shivering in Kathmandu Hall. Transported to hospital by medics.

Sunday, Jan. 19
2:27 p.m.: Disturbance, Domestic Violence
Police found the subjects in heated argument at the Central Mesa Apartments. Field interview administered.
9:31 p.m.: Vandalism
Subjects were spray-painting the Triton Statue. Checks OK — painting a picture and had permission.

Monday, Jan. 20
12:12 a.m.: Alcohol Contact
Police arrested a male student for disorderly conduct in the Tamarack Apartments. Closed by adult arrest.
1:02 a.m.: Disturbance, Noise
Police heard loud talking and laughing in the Sixth College Apartments. Will cooperate.
4:46 a.m.: Medical Aid
The subject complained of experiencing flu-like symptoms. Transported to hospital by medics.
9:18 p.m.: Report of Vandalism
Police received reports of graffiti in and around lockers in Mandeville Center. Unfounded.

Tuesday, Jan. 21
4:58 a.m.: Medical Aid
The subject was complaining of a stomach ache and heart burn in Africa Hall. Transported to hospital.
6:36 a.m.: Suspicious Person
Possible transients were drinking inside the Center Hall men’s restroom. Gone on arrival.
8:16 a.m.: Animal Call
Police found a bad odor coming from the UCTR 202 attic caused by a dead rodent. Referred to other agency — EH&S.
11:22 a.m.: Medical Aid
The subject collapsed near the Faculty Club, complaining of dizziness. Transported to hospital.

Wednesday, Jan. 22
9:15 a.m.: Welfare Check
The subject seemed depressed, according to the reporting party. Checks OK.
5:00 p.m.: Injury
A skateboarder collided with a pedestrian on Library Walk. Pedestrian transported to hospital.

Thursday, Jan. 23
11:28 a.m.: Medical Aid
The subject was experiencing abdominal pain in Urey Hall. Transported to hospital.
1:19 a.m.: Annoying/Harassing Phone Call
The subject complained about receiving a harassing text message. Report taken.
1:59 p.m.: Suspicious Person
Police received reports of a subject possibly casing bicycles in Sixth College. Unable to locate.
11:10 p.m.: Citizen Contact
Police found two subjects appearing to be living out of a vehicle in the Hopkins Parking Structure. Field interview administered.

Lights and Sirens is compiled from the Police Crime Log at