Paul Yu Appointed Revelle Provost

Yu will assume his position as provost effective Jan. 20

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Initiatives Paul Yu was appointed as the new Revelle Provost last week, following the retirement of Provost Don Wayne last June.

Yu will assume his position as Provost on Jan. 20, acting as the head of academic and administrative responsibility for Revelle College, as well as an overall advisor for college services.

In a Jan. 10 campuswide notice announcing Yu’s appointment, Executive Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs Suresh Subramani praised Yu’s qualifications and previous leadership experience as a Senate-Administration Task Force member and manager of the Regents Scholars Research Initiative program.

“Professor Paul Yu’s administrative and academic accomplishments and his commitment to Revelle College make him exceptionally well-qualified to provide leadership as Provost of Revelle College,” Subramani said.

Yu’s appointment comes in the midst of multiple university staff changes, including the recent selection of Steve Gamer as Vice Chancellor-Advancement and Carol Padden as Interim Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The Office of Student Affairs also announced a search for the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs, an office currently held by Interim Vice Chancellor Alan Houston.

Student Affairs Search Committee members include A.S. Council President Andy Buselt, Earl Warren College Provost Steven Adler and UCSD Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla.