Site Seen: Konkocshun

Jean Lee

Alex Villa, Sixth College sophomore and first year festival director says the event continues old traditions and introduces new events.

“My goal for this year’s Kuncocshun Festival was to keep it traditional but also revamp it,” he said. “We changed the location [from Warren Field to the Sixth residence hall quad] to keep it more Sixth-oriented; there are student performers, which is a very traditional aspect of Kuncocshun.”

A traditional arts event for Sixth students, Kuncocshun allows the whole campus to celebrate the college’s theme of culture, art and technology. Kuncocshun has featured a number of notable artists in years past. From Elevaters in 2009, Shiny Toy Guns in 2010, Tyler Hilton in 2011, and the Limousines and Little Hurricane in 2012, Kuncocshun provides a convenient platform for students to see artists they like and interact directly with talented musicians. This year, the up-and-coming duo Electric Guest will headline the stage. Festival-goers will most likely know the band from their single “This Head I Hold,” which was featured in an advertisement for Super Bowl XLVII and in Entertainment Weekly’s “Your Spring Playlist” feature.

“Electric Guest was one of our top choices because they are this new, up-and-coming indie/pop/electronic band from L.A.,” Villa said. “I think their vibe embodies that of Sixth College.”

Even if students are not interested in the upcoming music performances, the free food and giveaways are definitely a good enough reason to show up. Sixth College student organizations will be at the event, and games and activities will include Dance Dance Revolution machines and a “Mystery Vault.” (Come and find out what’s inside!)

On Friday, May 24, make sure you come with your friends from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Sixth College residence hall quad. There’s nothing better than a Friday night spent with close friends, listening to live music performed by favorite bands and satisfying delicious food cravings that have been lingering all week — all for free. Come see what the Sixth College Festivals Committee has put together, meet new friends and come home with new gifts and memories. It may not be summer yet, but it’s time to relax a little bit in sunny, warm May and have fun by joining the Kuncocshun.