Sun God Do’s and Don’ts

    Do party right. You should be done by midnight.

    Do get a room.

    Do go to the back of the crowd and dance like crazy — there’s no room to dance all the way in the front.

    Do fill up your Brita filter in the morning and put it by your bed so you have water the next morning.

    Do find as many friends as possible and take as many pictures as you can so you can look back and remember the events of the day.

    Do lose your “group” at least once. That’s how you know you’re having fun.

    Do stay hydrated, “hydrated” and “high-drated.”

    Do afterparty. This is the one time everyone on campus is up, and you should take advantage of that.

    Do make a list of artists’ set times. It’s likely that the main headliners’ performances will overlap, so try to decide which tent you want to go to beforehand.

    Do go with friends. If you can’t go with friends, make new ones. Do remember the new friends you make.

    Do have a “re-hydration” station. Ironically, the Village and ERC are very “far” locations from RIMAC field, due to inconvenient fencing. Ideal locales include I-House or the Marshall Uppers.

    Do have a sober/non-Sun God-attending friend drive to Vallarta Express. Carne Asada Fries go well with the occasion.

    Do have some “protection” on you or get ready to be deployed. Anything goes during Sun God.

    Do be prepared in case you get separated from the crowd; wear a lanyard with a card with your name and an emergency contact’s phone number.

    Do drink coconut water. Even though it tastes like booty sweat, it is good juice for hangovers.

    Do all your homework due for this week and the next week by Thursday night, so you have nothing to worry about for the weekend.

    Do have a secret knocking system for invited guests. It will maintain your safe haven from RSOs and campus police.

    Do remember that shuttles stop running at 12:30 a.m. if you live off campus.

    Do find some mode of transportation if you’re off campus since buses tend to be pretty packed.

    Do remember the best way to get rid of a Sun God hangover is … to keep drinking.

    Do have a set meet-up point in case people get separated, because cell phone reception at RIMAC field is terrible.

    Do be aware that there will be increased police presence monitoring the area for a six-mile radius checking for DUIs.

    Do know we will have new special drug recognition police officers, so if you’re passed out on drugs, there will be people who can recognize those drugs and deal with it appropriately. (But this also means a higher risk of you just getting sent straight to jail.)

    Do be careful. The lady in charge of detox will be stricter about sending people straight to the hospital if she’s worried about their health and also sending people straight to jail if they’re going to be belligerent.

    Do start early, finish late. Go. All. Out.

    Don’t get too messed up early in the day. It’s not a sprint — it’s a marathon.

    Don’t lose your friends for the entire day.

    Don’t pass out on the lawn or sit by the fence and look terrible. They will arrest you.

    Don’t yell “Idaho” — it’s bad grammar.

    Don’t sit on someone’s shoulders, a security guard will tell you to get down.

    Don’t stand directly next to a speaker; you’ll risk permanent damage to your ears.

    Don’t lose your dignity — or try hard to retain at least a semblance of it.

    Don’t take a nap. You probably won’t wake up.

    Don’t party with red wine. You’ll get worse hangovers that way.

    Don’t use beer as a chaser. Whatever you ate that morning will come back up the exact same way it went down.

    Don’t be preoccupied with texting … your phone will die, and you’ll be stuck at a charging station.

    Don’t send drunk texts.

    Don’t do anything stupid. You’re here to have fun, not to have your head lined with stitches after slipping and hitting your head in IRPS.

    Don’t stand still — jump around and dance.

    Don’t assume that the main headliners are the only reason to go! There’s a reason why each artist on the Sun God lineup is chosen.

    Don’t skimp on the plastic bags.

    Don’t forget to stock up on Gatorade and Advil.

    Don’t forget your name and where you live. It could help the people helping your drunk self.

    Don’t leave a belligerent drunk friend in a crowd. You might not see him or her for a couple of days.

    Don’t forget to eat a hearty breakfast. You want to last the entire Sun God. It’s barf prevention.

    Don’t remember anything. Except the great time you had.

    Don’t fall in love. Sun God relationships aren’t real.

    Don’t leave your suite door open, and cover your windows with paper bags. If you need fresh air, go out one at a time but don’t be loud.

    Don’t try to real-talk a security guard.

    Don’t find yourself without Clorox wipes, a mop and plastic bags on hand. Go to Ralph’s or CVS the night before to prepare for post-Sun God cleaning.

    Don’t walk around with a giant duffle bag … we all know what’s inside of it.

    Don’t forget to bring cash for the food booths.

    Don’t be that person who only knows “Swimming Pools” by Kendrick Lamar.

    Don’t get lost (yes, it’s RIMAC field, and no, you can’t REALLY get lost).

    Don’t let your friends go home with a stranger.

    Don’t sneak kegs and stuff into your apartment the day of. There are going to be new security cameras installed in North Campus, focusing a lot on the Village.

    Don’t perform oral sex on any of the artists.

    Don’t use your fake I.D. to buy alcohol at local stores. They know when Sun God is and they will be on alert.

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