Recent Incidents Call for Increasing UCSD’s Campus Security


“The Jewel” of San Diego doesn’t exactly seem like a hotbed for crime, but in the last few years, incidents both on and off campus have left Tritons feeling uneasy about their safety. This unrest makes it clear an increase in campus security is imperative.

After the fatal shooting of MIT police officer Sean Collier last month, campuses across the country have taken campus security to a new level. On April 29, two bomb threats were discovered in two different men’s bathrooms at the San Diego State Love Library, and police and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in immediately. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, the way the university handled this sensitive issue was impeccable. With an incident like this happening so close to home, we wonder if UCSD’s current campus security could adequately handle a similar situation.

In recent weeks, there were two incidents of sexual battery near the Mesa Apartments and Brown Hall in Earl Warren College as well as an incident of armed robbery near the intersection of Arriba Street and Regents Road. And although the latter suspects were arrested, students can’t help but feel at risk just walking around their own neighborhood. And that’s just this quarter. Let’s not forget the horrible incidents in years past, including an attempted kidnapping near Geisel Library, during which the kidnapper placed a paper bag over the victim’s head.

Regardless of financial implications, campus security should be increased to prevent similar incidents. We are more than aware that money doesn’t grow on trees — especially at public universities — but student safety is an issue that we can’t skimp on.

There are two ways to improve campus security on campus: Increasing security itself and publicizing the resources already available. For example, the Community Service Officer program and A.S. Safe Rides are both great safety resources on campus that more students need to utilize. Students may have seen CSOs biking around campus, but many are unaware that they can call these escorts 365 days a year from sunset to 1 a.m.

We can complain to the administration all we want about tuition and dorms, but at the end of the day, if student safety isn’t the top priority on campus, nothing else matters.