Council Talks UC Irvine Controversy and Resolutions


But, let’s carry on with the present. Noted alumnus Richard Thompson opened up public forum by introducing us to the Zoo’s War on Children. And as much as this sounds like rampant zebras pouncing on unsuspecting toddlers, it turned out to be much less exciting.

A union of Panhellenic Sorority Council, Inter-Fraternity Council and Greek representatives then presented their statement on the racist Greek-sponsored parties on the campus of UC Irvine and, now, Cal State San Marcos. They hope to supplement the apparent lack of rudimentary logic and personal sensibility by holding educational campaigns to explain exactly why it’s wrong to be racist.

A special shout-out to A.S. Council live blogger Hannah Bernabe, who said her goodbyes as part of the current council. Hannah, I’ll miss you and your helpful live blog — but do something awesome with your Wednesday nights now.

Council then got down to business discussing referenda, but the flurry of professionalism was short lived, and they took a five-minute break to potluck. 

This meeting seemed to be the meeting of last-minute legislation, in which council hastily debated and voted on a plethora of resolutions. Among the legislation was the possibility of creating a commuter senator position, but council tabled it indefinitely.

During special presentations, AVP Environmental and Social Justice Affairs Vanessa Garcia, who will be sworn in as VP External Affairs on Friday, presented on behalf of herself, in a way, describing her experiences in the newly-created position.

She offered advice for the next AVP ESJA and highlighted the benefits of having a council position dedicated to sustainability issues and their supporting committees.

“Without A.S. overview, we might have lost our fair-trade policy, which is actually one of the strongest in the nation,” she said. “I think having A.S. support really helps that initiative.”

Garcia also suggested that the next AVP ESJA and the incoming council make a bike-friendly campus a priority. Somehow, I don’t think that will be a problem.

The former Guardian columnist to A.S. Council, Daniel Song, came back to say goodbye as well, to much applause and cheers of “We miss you SO much.” Well, thanks, guys, I’m really feeling the love.

VP Finance Bryan Cassella finished special presentations with a report of A.S. Council’s financial sustainability. Like almost every other organization on this campus that maintains some semblance of a budget, council is dog paddling in a tsunami of debt.

Cassella intends to complete his report and bring it to the next council’s attention.

And this is my goodbye. We’ve had our ups and downs, council, but you’ve done a great job — particularly when you were holding it together with duct tape and prayer. Good luck to you in all you do in the future.