Site Seen: Muirstock

Shelby Newallis

With a month left to wait for Sun God Festival, many students find themselves looking forward to free live music on campus, and Muirstock is the answer. Muirstock is an annual music festival that culminates John Muir Week. As one of Muir College’s longest standing traditions, Muirstock is always anticipated as one of spring quarter’s best events. This year’s music selection takes the motto of Muir, “Celebrating the independent spirit” into consideration by selecting independent artists for the music acts. Muirstock event coordinator Jarrel Biscocho explained the vision for this year’s festival. 

“We primarily wanted to promote the great music scene in San Diego,” Bischocho said, “Paul Cannon Band, David Booda, Sodapants and Cartoon Lion are all local artists that have great stage presence.”

This year’s Muirstock committee worked to bring in music that would appeal to all audiences.

“For headliner, we wanted someone who is very strong vocally and can really work an audience and bring in a crowd,” Biscocho said. “We feel that Justin Nozuka has these qualities — even though the artists are not the most known per se, I think attendants will be impressed by their musical ability,” Biscocho said.

Muirstock has traditionally been an event hosted by Muir students for Muir students. This year the goal was to make it a campuswide event.

“I wanted it to not be just a concert for Muir, but rather a concert for the school held by Muir,” Biscocho said. 

Environmentalism has always been an important part of Muir College’s mission.

“This year we are really proud of working with BAAN [Biofuels Action and Awareness Network] to have the event run entirely on biofuel, ” Biscocho said. 

Muir has an open grass field where students can sit down, relax and enjoy the music with friends in an intimate environment. Students can expect a plethora of free fare: BBQ, hookah from the General Store and a photo booth, in addition to booths from the Zone, Outback Adventures and the Econauts.