A.S. Council to Take Up UCEN, Slates

A.S. Council will vote on two referendums in the coming weeks, the first of which will raise University Centers student fees. A second referendum, tabled until Week 3 of Spring Quarter, would determine whether the university’s election code will be changed.

The UCEN referendum, as it stands, would increase student fees from $76.50 to $89.50 per student per quarter. The fee would be adjusted yearly based on the Consumer Price Index, but could not exceed a 2-percent increase.

However, UCAB President Albert Trujillo updated A.S. Council in an email that GSA would prefer an $11 increase with a 3-percent cap on CPI adjustment.

Should both councils and the UC Office of the President agree on the referendum’s language, it will be placed on the spring ballot.

A.S. Council’s second referendum is an amendment to the university’s election code that would separate campuswide and college-level slates. Five out of six college councils expressed enthusiasm for the amendment, with Eleanor Roosevelt College’s decision still pending.

Campuswide Senator Brad Segal, who introduced the change, asserted at council’s Jan. 30 meeting that it would show great maturity on council’s part to vote on the amendment as soon as possible.

Marshall Senator Mariko Kuga, however, expressed concern that rushing a vote would impose on the college councils.

“It’s a little preemptive to talk about this,” he said. “We haven’t really talked about it in-depth with our respective colleges.

The issue was eventually tabled until Week 3 of Spring Quarter.