Taking Away the Taboo of Period Sex

Then one morning while getting ready, I mentioned to my boyfriend that I thought I might be starting my period soon, and that he and I would just have to deal with it if we wanted to really take advantage of our time together over winter break. He looked at me with something like fear in his eyes and said, “Are you sure you can do that?” It was then that I realized what I should do.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can have sex while on your period. Some of you have already discovered this at some point, I’m sure, but to the rest: Open your minds and your calendars. First off, I know there are some people out there who are wrinkling their noses at this because just the idea of all that mess is terrifying. I’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s really not that messy. Sure, I can’t recommend you try the girl-on-top position unless you’re feeling pretty metal that day — you’d be better off with the female partner on her back — but otherwise, a towel folded under the hips will do. Or better yet, you can take the easy way out, like I did, and hop in the shower. No mess to clean up, and nothing to throw in the laundry. Plus, shower sex is pretty rad on its own — but that’s something to touch on at another time.

There are a lot of reasons to give period sex a try. Sometimes it’s just a necessity since Mother Nature waits for no man and you can’t always afford to hold up. Along with that, though, there are some outright benefits for the ladies too. Orgasm and the huge amount of endorphins that come with it can ease cramps and improve your mood. There’s even evidence that it can shorten your periods, too. Not to mention being able to take advantage of the simple fact that around their time of the month, many women get pretty horny.

I’m no exception to the extra hormones in my system, and that combined with the limited time frame made the idea all the more appealing to me. Luckily enough, my boyfriend is willing to try anything once, so we didn’t hit any personal roadblocks with the idea once I had cleared up that yes, it is totally possible. I already knew I wasn’t going to be interested in changing the sheets or possibly staining a perfectly good towel, so right off to the shower we went. Little foreplay was required; blood makes everything smooth enough. Compensating for our height difference was more difficult in the shower, but I found I was able to reach orgasm without much of a problem once we actually got started. He was no doubt grateful for this, as I’m willing to bet that the bent-kneed stance he had to keep up for a bit was probably not the most comfortable. Just as advertised, it took the edge off of my cramps. It also made me more cheerful, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the special nature of the situation or just because well, hey, it’s an orgasm. And as for any problems with the view of embarrassing flow, the running water made it practically unnoticeable, which in the end was probably more soothing to my peace of mind than his.

Other than the addition of a bit of unorthodox lubricant, period sex isn’t much different from the regular version. Just make sure all parties are in on the details before beginning, because there’s no doubt that it would be a nasty surprise. If your partner isn’t into it, don’t feel discouraged. It’s a new practice for a lot of people, and it might take some mental prep time to adapt. It can take a lot to get over the mental block of “dirtiness” during menstruation (for both partners), but if given a chance, with the right precautions, there’s nothing dirty about it. Don’t forget to use a condom, either; although it’s very unlikely, pregnancy is still a remote possibility, and so are STIs.

Good luck out there, and stop crossing a week out of your planner — take back your time and go on a new adventure.