Council Discusses UCAB Referendum; Works Catwalk

After reports of members and public input were concluded, UCEN members, including chair Albert Trujillo, started off special presentations on a serious note, reviewing the University Centers Budget Overview and its current deficit. The deficit was said to have happened because of the 2008 fee increase, maintenance repairs, construction and staffing expenses, with expenses continuing to increase because of work including maintenance issues, computing services and the programming of The Loft. UCEN has already reduced expenditures in various aspects, and UCAB will be stepping in to help, presenting a UCEN fee increase referendum in the near future.

“I appreciate you coming here to explain the UCEN budget, and I would like to extend my office’s services for any of UCEN’s needs”, AVP Environmental and Social Justice Vanessa Garcia said.

AVP Student Services John Weng concluded special presentations with an extensive presentation on Triton Activities Planner, highlighting its importance and saying it is required by organizations when preparing for events, and must be completed according to TAP rules and regulations.

During reports of members, AVP Concerts and Events Eric Babajanian released the results of the Sun God survey, announcing that hip-hop and Top-40 are tied in the top music genres for this year’s Sun God performances. He also announced his Sun God Festival Open Forum scheduled for Jan. 11, as well as a new event series at Home Plate. Kicking off the series will be Level 2, a nightclub-themed event that is free for all UCSD students.

Question time was the big winner of the night, with council announcing Biological Sciences Senator Jonathan Cheung as “factor of the week,” and then breaking out in a catwalk competition after Revelle Chair Meena Kaushik announced the upcoming Catwalk Fashion Show. Six council members were nominated on the spot, and participated in a spontaneous showdown, with AVP Concerts and Events Eric Babajanian and VP Student Life Cody Marshall winning the most votes.

Council moved to new business, revisiting the ongoing co-op discussion. A.S. President Meggie Le moved to enter a new council resolution for the General Store Co-op, after a previous resolution from fall quarter’s Week 8 council meeting was withdrawn after the Graduate Student Association concluded that the resolution included Master Space Agreement regulation violations. Le and A.S. Director Heather Belk will meet with the heads of MSA and GSA to amend or draft a new MSA to keep the co-ops afloat.

“Even though we are taking back the previous resolution, we are still on the side of the co-ops,” Le said.

Council ended quite early today, after a short open forum announcing Muir Senator Hope Czbas’s BSU Culture Show planning and a round of applause for the Fashion Show models. At least now they’ll have some extra time to work on their runway walks.