Bubbles and Pancakes: Council Talks Funding in Last Meeting of Quarter

Campuswide Senator Brad Segal got the meeting rolling with an announcement that A.S. Council will no longer be able to provide funding to student organizations wishing to hold philanthropic events.

The administration claims that student fees need to be spent on what students want, and on this basis, it eliminated council’s ability to allocate money to student groups that are raising money for charities.

“If one group wants to rent out Price Center for a bubble party, and the other wants to fundraise, we can fund the bubbles, but not the philanthropic endeavor,” Segal said. “Which is just absurd.”

Sports Facilities Advisory Board Chair Sammy Chang gave a much-lauded presentation on SFAB activities and expenditures, detailing what exactly each student’s $92 fee is currently spent. SFAB, which oversees UCSD’s sports facilities, is considering several new additions to its services, including a spa and a towel service in RIMAC that is in talks for the 2013–14 academic year.

During external reports, VP Student Life Cody Marshall made a stunning announcement regarding a time-honored UCSD tradition.

“I had to cancel our order for the pancake breakfast,” Marshall said, drawing audible gasps of shock and horror from council. “Because I placed an order with a new company that’s going to save us like $3000!”

Breathe, guys. There will still be pancakes.

Toward the end of open forum, Segal asked to reorder to New Business, like the kid who asks the teacher if she forgot to assign homework.

Segal then moved to allocate $3,100 to sorority Tri Delta, who wants funding to hold its annual philanthropic event, Delta Idol. But concerned councilmembers hesitated to defy a mandate from administration, citing concerns of money laundering and a previous experience of being fined for breaking their own rules.

AVP College Affairs Leonard Bobbitt assured council that negative consequences were unlikely, and reminded them that they had a responsibility to support student organizations.

“We need to tell Tri Delta and other student orgs that we will do this; we will stand by you,” Bobbitt said. “Otherwise they won’t get this funding no matter what.”

Other councilmembers supported a compromise such as an underwrite or a rewording of the motion that would allow funding for Tri Delta, but would alleviate any friction with administration. An underwrite would require the sorority to pay back the $3,100. After a lengthy debate, council voted to pass Segal’s motion, allocating funds for Tri Delta’s event.

This was easily the longest meeting I’ve been to, but it was also the last of the quarter. Happy holidays, kids, and see you next year!