UCSD Volleyball Second Place in CCAA Conference

UCSD has eight more games — two road trips and two away trips — before closing out conference play. The Tritons are currently the only CCAA team to crack the national rankings.

“I think if we keep playing the way that we are, and we don’t take any team lightly we can come out on top, because every team is in the middle,” Sophomore setter Amber Hawthorne said to the UCSD Athletics Department. “Every team has won some lost some, we’re all really tight. So if we play our best, I think we have the all-around athleticism and strength to win our conference.”

UCSD will need to continue strong in order to qualify for the NCAA Division II West Regionals. The first round is scheduled for the end of Nov., 29-31. Last season, UCSD advanced to the second round of playoffs before being knocked out by CCAA opponent Sonoma State.