Council Talks Voter Registration; ERC is Top Recruiter of New Voters

Meanwhile, in the Forum on the fourth floor of Price Center, Student Organized Voter Access Committee Chair Arysha Sharifian gave council an update on SOVAC’s progress in registering incoming freshman during move-in weekend. The college with the highest voter registration was Eleanor Roosevelt College, followed by Revelle, Sixth, Marshall and Muir Colleges, all with over 200 each. The Village and Warren College both registered fewer than 50. Warren Senator Hugh Tran promised that Warren registration figures will improve, even if he has to go door to door to get students to register himself.

“I’m really excited to be here now sharing that experience with y’all and making that experience possible,” Sharifian said.

Sharifian also presented a SOVAC comic which featured characters including legislative llama, polarized polar bear and democracy deer; he plans on making this comic strip a quarterly feature. He reminded council that SOVAC will be hosting a mayoral debate this Saturday on campus in addition to its slice of democracy event Oct. 22 with professor Thad Kousser. The event will feature pizza and ballot information.

“Are you aware of our budget deficit?” a senator asked Sharifian after he presented next year’s SOVAC budget, which asked for an iPad. Council watched a video of Cody Marshall doing a “Gangnam style” parody in Nicaragua in airports and rural neighborhoods with various schoolchildren, adorable.

VP of External Olamide Noah showed council a chart of the devastating effects that Prop. 30 could have on tuition. If the proposition fails, tuition is expected to skyrocket within the next few years.

AVP Concerts & Events Eric Babajanian reminded council that Bear Garden is this Friday, and said that the line-up for Hullabaloo, held Nov. 16, will be released next week. He added that ASCE will be partnering with KDST for a show in the spring.

A.S. President Meggie Le said that she had been meeting with Chancellor Khosla about the UCOP tax and refinancing some of A.S. debt. She announced that Geisel library will be open 24 hours for Week 10 and Finals Week. Council discussed changing the AVP appointment process after the controversies that occurred during last year’s AVP appointment.

“When you come in here, I don’t care what AVP you are, you have to argue in front of this council; if a week before that you’re not ready to talk to this council about how you’re qualified, how are you going to come in here and argue for your budget?” Leonard Bobbitt asked.

Councilmembers ultimately decided that candidates would be need to be approved by council after a 4/5 approval by the selection committee.