Ty Segall & White Fence: Hair

After Bay Area garage revivalist Ty Segall got more introspective and a lot less fuzzy on last year’s excellent Goodbye Bread, Hair, his eight-song LP with White Fence (aka Tim Presley) finds him back at the distorted, jam-based garage sound he’s become synonymous with. Tim Presley, also of the bands Darker My Love and Strange Boys, brings his bratty lo-fi persona White Fence to the table, resulting in a solid, psychedelic rock ‘n roll album.

Recorded exclusively at Bauer Mansion, a studio in SF’s Chinatown, Hair begins with “Time,” a song whose long introduction includes clashing cymbals, a deep, chanting voice, dirty garage guitar feedback and almost pastoral acoustic strumming, eventually transforming into fuzzy, distorted vocals over loud, gritty rock ‘n’ roll.

“I Am Not A Game,” the album’s first single, is an organ-driven track that begins as an upbeat, fun, dancey tune and ends with a double time, freakishly psychedelic jam. “Easy Rider,” borrowing the name from the ’69 classic counterculture Dennis Hopper film, has a simple and easy-going tempo, its tambourine and snare paired with breezy surf guitar chords, and allows the vocals to dominate, making it easily Hair’s best song.

The album as a whole is less than 30 minutes, giving the album a more cohesive feel and leaving the listener wishing there was more. In a crowd of faceless garage rock acts, Ty Segall & White Fence stick out like redheaded afros. Although both are said to have new solo works in the making, with an album this good, hopefully another collaboration will be in the future. (7/10)