Lights and Sirens

    Sunday, March 25
    11:09 a.m.: Burglary
    ? The subject thought there might have been a burglary at Marshall Apartments West, but the “screen blew off.” Checks OK.

    9:58 p.m. to 10:34 p.m.:
    Citizen contact
    ? A non-UC affiliate was using the laundry facility at Blake Hall. Stay-away order issued.

    Monday, March 26

    12:11 a.m.:
    Fire alarm
    ? A fire alarm went off at Tioga Hall. False alarm.

    4:22 a.m.:
    Suspicious person
    ? A person was loitering on Muir Field. Gone on arrival.

    12:30 p.m.:
    Suicide attempt
    ? The subject attempted to commit suicide at Galbraith Hall. Transported to hospital for evaluation.

    Tuesday, March 27

    2:41 a.m.:
    Suspicious person
    ? A transient was at Ritter Hall. Stay-away order issued.

    2:34 p.m.:
    ? A dog was barking at Cuzco Hall. Referred to other agency: Res life.

    3:12 p.m.:
    ? A hang glider hit a vehicle at Glider Port. Parties exchanged information.

    Thursday, March 29

    10:37 a.m.:
    ? Chairs from Price Center were found on a Sixth College Apartments balcony. Information only.

    1:05 p.m.:
    Non-injury accident report
    ? A shuttle was involved in a non-injury accident off campus. Report taken.

    8:45 p.m.:
    Suspicious person
    ? A person was sleeping on a bench at the bus stop near Parking Lot 207. Field interview administered.

    Friday, March 30

    9:13 a.m.:
    Medical aid
    ? A female jogger fell and could not get up at 3899 Miramar Street. Refused transport by medics — transported by husband.

    9:38 p.m.:
    Illegal parking
    ? Multiple vehicles were parked in a lane in Parking Lot 113. Information only.

    11:16 p.m.:
    Illegal parking
    ? A vehicle was blocking a lane by Tamarack Apartments. Information only.

    Saturday, March 31

    1:36 a.m.:
    Assist other agency
    ? A domestic violence investigation at VA Hospital led to the arrest of a male transient. Closed by adult arrest.

    Sunday, April 1

    1:42 a.m.:
    Suspicious person
    ? An unknown male was sitting outside of Rita Atkinson Residences for 15 minutes. Unable to locate.

    2:11 a.m.:
    Traffic stop
    ? A male student was stopped at Parking Lot 304 for driving while intoxicated and without a license. Closed by adult arrest.

    7:47 p.m.:
    Suspicious person
    ? The subject was “dumpster diving” at Parking Lot 102. Field interview administered.

    Monday, April 2

    4:18 p.m.:
    ? A male stole over $100 worth of products from the Bookstore. Closed, cited and released.

    11:19 p.m.:
    Disturbance, party
    ? Approximately 40 subjects were having a loud party at Kathmandu. Field interview administered.

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