Council Talks Divestment Resolution, Future of CLICS


     Approximately 25 students, professors and non-faculty employees spoke against A.S. Council voting on the divestment proposal, and over 20 students also addressed council in support of the proposal.

     Public input lasted nearly three hours, and constituents were disappointed when the speakers list closed.

      “Whoever moved to close the speaker’s list, shame on you,” former AVP of Student Organizations Lynne Swerhone said, “You owe the students who came all the way here the opportunity to speak.”

      During these serious comments from members of the public, somehow the speakers in the forum began broadcasting the “Vagina Monologues” rehearsal in the Loft. Everyone found it odd hearing a random “Oh my god, vaginas!” during public comment. It didn’t exactly lighten the mood.

      A special presentation regarding the Galbraith Hall renovations followed public input. Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Barbara Sawrey and Director of Space Planning Tom Allen gave a presentation highlighting how alterations to other areas, such as Revelle College and Geisel Library’s study spaces, will create 266 more seats than was available before CLICS closed.

       Renovating Galbraith Hall will cost about $6.7 million, which is less than half of what constructing a new building would cost, Sawrey said. The money for this renovation will not come from student fees, tuition or state grants.

     “The funding [for Galbraith Hall] is coming from discretionary funds,” Sawrey said. “These are one-time funds that cannot be replenished once they are spent, so they cannot be used for ongoing operations for something like a library.”

       Sawrey also emphasized the growing need for more large classrooms at UCSD, since the current large classrooms are being used every weekday from the time they open to the time they close.
       There are currently only four classrooms that hold 300 students or more, and only three that can hold 200  to 300 students.

       Members of the Public Education Coalition expressed their desire for CLICS construction to be postponed until a later date. Sawrey said that she did not have control over this, but would try to advocate on this behalf.

      A special presentation from Tritons for Israel followed the presentation by the Building Advisory Committee for Galbraith Hall.