UC Regents to Rally in Sacramento

“We are really happy that the Regents have decided to work with us to put pressure on the state,” Vice President of External Affairs Samer Naji said. “It shows that our activism last year really had an impact.”
The Board of Regents will hold its May 16 and 17 meeting at the Sacramento Convention Center in order to participate in the rally and to address effects of cuts in state funding to the UC system.
“The truth is, this university was founded by and for the people of California,” Lansing said in a statement released after the meeting. “Unless our elected representatives start funding us at a realistic level, UC’s ability to serve the state and its citizens will be at serious risk. UC is the best investment in California’s economic future that our state leaders can make. It’s up to all of us to remind them of that.”
Lansing met with students from UCSD on Jan. 17. She said she intends to meet with students from all UC campuses in order to insure student participation in May’s rally.
Sixth College junior and activist Sean Estelle said that students from the Public Education Coalition are meeting Monday to discuss logistics for the Week of Action, planned for March 1-5. According to Estelle, organizers will also discuss the possibility of arranging at UCSD presence at the May rally.
“We are by no means the only organizers,” Estelle said in an email. “There are many different orgs, groups and coalitions that will be dedicating their time and effort to this, I’m sure.”
Estelle said he wasn’t able to talk to Lansing when he went to UCR for the Regents’ Jan. 18 meeting.
“I was listening on a speaker outside until the meeting got shut down, though,” Estelle said. “She did not sound happy at the public input.”
The UC system faced $750 million in state budget cuts during the 2011-12 fiscal year — a 25 percent decrease from last year, according to the article, “UC Merced Officials Hope Capitol Rally Will Move Legislators,” published Jan. 18 in the Sacramento Bee.
“One thing I’m convinced of is that we all want the same things for UC, whether you’re a student, a parent, a faculty or staff member, an alumnus or a regent,” Lansing said. “We all want high-quality and accessible academic programs, modern libraries and research facilities, safe and inviting campuses, good student services and affordable tuition.”