Lights & Sirens: Monday, Oct. 03, 2011

    Saturday, Sept. 24
    1:07 a.m.: Information
    ? There was a small snake near the bike rack at Miramar Building 2. Information only.
    1:08 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? The subject was urinating in public at The Village Building 1. Information only.
    1:09 a.m.: Medical aid
    ? The subject at Muir Apartments suffered burns on the right thigh. Transported to Kaiser Hospital.
    2:10 p.m.: Petty theft
    ? A male in his thirties was caught stealing $340 worth of goods from the Bookstore. Closed by citation.

    Sunday, Sept. 25
    1:02 a.m.: Alcohol contact
    ? The subject consumed excessive amounts of alcohol at Asante Hall in International House. Transported to hospital.
    12:20 p.m.: Animal call
    ? A coyote was injured on the road at the intersection of Athena Circle and Health Sciences Drive. Checks OK.
    1:05 p.m.: Welfare check
    ? The subject attempted to hurt herself at Brennan Hall. Checks OK.
    8:48 p.m.: Information
    ? A group of eight people were jumping off the SIO Pier. Information only.

    Monday, Sept. 26
    12:12 a.m.: Information
    ? The subject received text messages from a friend stating that she is suicidal. Checks OK.
    2:27 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? The subject was lying on a bus station bench by the dumpsters at Scholars Lane. Gone on arrival.
    4:41 p.m.: Medical aid
    ? A male who was drifting in and out of consciousness at Canyonview Pool refused treatment. Information only.

    Tuesday, Sept. 27
    12:29 a.m.: Bicyclist/skateboard stop
    ? Minors were consuming alcohol in a private place by the intersection of Voigt Drive and Gilman Drive. One juvenile citation and three adult citations.

    Wednesday, Sept. 28
    1:26 p.m.: Citizen contact
    ? There was a request to use replica guns on campus at the UCSD Police Department. Referred to Risk Management.
    1:30 p.m.: Collision
    ? A UCSD shuttle bus crashed into a parked vehicle at Peterson Hall. Report taken.
    3:14 p.m.: Citizen contact
    ? The subject was receiving annoying calls from someone trying to contact the previous owner of the phone number. Checks OK.
    10:20 p.m.: Citizen contact
    ? Two males were urinating together in public at Lot 705. Closed by citation, adult.

    Thursday, Sept. 29
    3:25 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A possible bike robber was caught at Matthews Apartments with burglary tools and stolen property. Closed by citation, adult.
    8:52 p.m.: Medical aid
    ? A male was on the floor at Price Center with vomit on and around him. Unable to Locate.

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