Track Review 3/10/11

Robin Pecknold (feat. Ed Droste)
“I’m Losing Myself”

Last Monday morning, Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold released an unannounced mini-EP on the band’s Twitter and Facebook pages. One track, “I’m Losing Myself,” immediately stirred interest among fans of mom-friendly modern folk due to a high-profile guest spot: Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear.

Though the duet consists entirely of muted acoustic strumming and hushed vocals, the two artists’ similar approaches to downplayed chamber pop makes for a seamless collaboration. The vocals barely rise above a whisper, but the gentle plaintive melody, coupled with Peckold’s tragic, lyrical story of romantic self-sacrifice, has a haunting, almost spiritual quality.

Given that many of the melodies on Fleet Foxes’ last effort sounded better suited for a cathedral than an indie rock debut, the collaboration stands as a natural refinement of Pecknold’s craft and a promising, welcome preview of his band’s upcoming sophomore release Helplessness Blues. (8/10)