Lights and Sirens (Feb. 7, 2011)

    Friday, Jan. 28
    12:49 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? A person in Sixth College submitted a post to, but the publisher will not be posting it. Checks OK.
    2:32 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? An older male was seen walking quickly while carrying red bongos in the woods at the Faculty Club. Checks OK.
    3:55 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? A male was seen urinating in public at Tenaya Hall. Field interview administered.
    9:40 a.m.: Welfare check
    ? A family had not heard from a student for 12 hours and was worried that the student may be under academic investigation and subject to suspension. Gone on arrival.
    11:42 a.m.: Incomplete wireless call
    ? A female at Center Hall said she wanted to know what’s going on with her cell phone but hung up when asked if she had an emergency. Checks OK.
    6:23 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A six-foot man in glasses was seen jumping and staring people down. Information only.
    7:20 p.m.: Medical aid
    ? A 20-year-old male’s heart was rapidly beating at Earth Hall. Information only.

    Saturday Jan. 29
    3:24 a.m.: Disturbance
    ? Two males without weapons were fighting at the Village while a group tried to pull them apart. Report taken.
    9:25 a.m.: Animal call
    ? A Muir College resident dean reported three aggressive dogs that were off their leashes on Muir Field. Checks OK.

    Sunday Jan. 30
    1:39 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle
    ? A vehicle that looked similar to cars used for smuggling was parked outside the Chancellor’s house. Unable to locate.
    2:31 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A balding man with short hair was seen taking pictures of an animal loading dock at the Biomedical Sciences Building. Checks OK.

    Monday, Jan. 31
    3:14 p.m.: Information
    ? A female on Library Walk was uncomfortable when a male she did not know asked her on a date. Information only.
    4:52 p.m.: Welfare check
    ? A female said her mentally ill sister yelled at her and did not make any sense. Checks OK.
    6:47 p.m.: Information
    ? Someone saw vomit outside the women’s bathroom at the HSS building. Information only.
    10:24 p.m. Citizen contact
    ? A female at Douglas Hall was worried that her ex-boyfriend, who is currently in Orange County, might smash her car. Report taken.

    Tuesday, Feb. 1
    7:22 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? Someone reported seeing an aggressive homeless man and woman in the laundry room at Sixth College Residential Halls. Field interview administered.

    Wednesday, Feb. 2
    11:34 p.m.: Vehicle Vandalism
    ? Someone unscrewed the top screws of a car’s license plates and bent them up. Information only.

    Thursday, Feb. 3
    1:09 a.m.: Citizen contact
    ? A person was seen pointing a green laser by the anchor at Revelle Commons. Unable to locate.
    7:29 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ? Three students in leather jackets and hoodies were standing around different vehicles at Hopkins Parking Structure. Unable to locate.

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