Hollywood Can’t Write Rom-Coms As Well As You


The secrets to an unforgettable relationship are the anticipation ¬— and even the drama. If Romeo and Juliet’s parents were as uninvolved as Jon and Kate Gosselin, the two would have dated for a few weeks until Juliet realized that Romeo was a total tool. But because they were forbidden to be together, it made them exponentially more attracted to each other. It sounds pretty hot to have a “forbidden” relationship, so why not pretend to have your own crazy romantic expedition?

This summer, I decided to have my own movie-moment after saying goodbye to a close guy-friend. After I left his house, I sat in my car and debated if I was really satisfied that the night ended with a high-five. With the “whatever happens, this will be a funny story someday” mentality, I shoved my keys in my jacket and went to knock on his door, complaining that I left my keys somewhere in his house. We proceeded to “look” for my keys, and when he reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my keys, I blushed and told him I was “so embarrassed.” I played the damsel in distress, asked him what I would ever do without him and ended the evening with a perfect goodnight kiss. Talk about a night even Hollywood couldn’t write.

When a night doesn’t go your way, sometimes you have to manipulate it to become more passionate. I call it preconceived spontaneity — the act of giving the impression that a situation is wonderfully coincidental or spontaneous, when really it requires quality daydreaming during lecture and some skills from “Intro to Acting.”

Indulge in the cliché and rock preconceived spontaneity in basic ways. Sometimes when my boyfriend invites me over, I’ll tell him that I’m busy just so I can drop in and surprise him later. It is a bit easier than popping out of a cake on his birthday, yet it has a similar effect.

Creating your own romantic moment should only be done when sober and using your best judgement, because this strategy can easily transform from romantic to incredibly awkward. There is a fine line between creating a romance catalyst and being a total creep. For example: Walking around his block until you happen to bump into each other is called stalking, and if he catches on, you’ll probably look more psycho than cute.

Next time a potential relationship needs bit of mouth-to-mouth, consider reenacting a rom-com scene. We can’t sit around wishing Hugh Grant will spill orange juice on us. We must make it happen ourselves. Sometimes life requires a little imagination for a fairytale ending.