Council Excuses Senator Absences, Re-examines Loft

Things got heated between councilmembers at last night’s meeting as they argued over legislation and the impeachment of absent councilmembers.

The forum was crowded with members of student media organizations, who vocalized their opposition to the A.S. media guidelines proposal. However, the media guidelines were postponed indefinitely and therefore were not up for discussion at this meeting.

Campuswide senator Bryant Pena, who attended the Housing, Dining and Hospitality planning committee meeting, said HDH is looking into raising prices of dorm rooms.

Warren senator Alyssa Wing challenged Muir senators Ryan O’Rear and Lynne Swerhone to a Spirit Night bet. Warren College, currently in the lead for Spirit Week points, would wear Muir College clothing if Muir ended up outshowing them at the basketball games in RIMAC Arena this Saturday. O’Rear and Swerhone accepted the bet.

Campuswide senator Wafa Ben Hassine presented “Discrimination in UCSD Press: A Threat to our University’s Integrity,” in which she showed derogatory images from the Koala that have sparked controversy in recent years.

Hassine aims to form a committee that would work with Student Legal Services to research the legality of the publication of offensive material.

A Sun God Festival pre-party is slated for Wednesday of Week Seven, the week of the musical event. Campuswide senator Adam Kenworthy secured the ‘Atrium’ — an indoor food court area in Price Center East — for a afternoon of games like horseshoes and non-alcoholic beer pong.

True to his word, Advocate General Parminder Sandu, brought a resolution of impeachment for Pena, Biological Sciences senator John Erhart and Sixth College senator Kevin Nguyen to the table.

After one too many personal sob stories, councilmembers voted to not impeach the three senators.

The council next discussed the California Brown Act, which states that issues of new business may only be presented on the council floor if the council, by a two-thirds vote of members, or a unanimous vote of members present if the two-thirds number isn’t reached, calls for an item to be urgent and of immediate action.

AVP of Academic Affairs Jordan Taylor noted that two-thirds of voting members weren’t present at the council meeting, and feared that this act would eliminate new business completely.

The council passed a motion to table this item until its next meeting.

The Graduate Student Association rejected the newly written Loft referendum, whose language was passed by the A.S. Council last week.

President Utsav Gupta said that the council needed to reconsider the referendum’s language, but said he felt uncomfortable discussing it in new business since the language and fee amount had changed.

At the end of the night, council voted to discuss the Loft and transportation referendums next week.