Nov. 30, 2009

Friday, Nov. 20
10:30 a.m.: Welfare check
? The Graduate Student Office voiced concern for the welfare of a student with a history of depression.
11:46 p.m.: Domestic violence
? An intoxicated Asian male with an “Asian wing design” on the back of his shirt was reported as abusing a resident at Brennan Hall.

Saturday, Nov. 21
2:24 a.m.: Trespass
? Two subjects were seen “jumping the fence” of a construction site near the Village buildings.
7:12 a.m.: Suspicious person
? A 40-year-old homeless black male was reported as talking to himself at the Commuter Lounge, claiming that the UCSD “faculty [is] screwing minorities.”
8:40 p.m.: Argument
? A 20-year-old white female with blonde hair was reported as “looking in pain” while sitting in a stairwell at the Muir apartments. Unable to locate.
11:21 p.m.: Harassing phone call
? A female student reported receiving messages on her answering machine from an unknown male, stating “two days” on Thursday, and “one day” on Friday.

Sunday, Nov. 22
12:35 a.m.: Citizen contact
? A subject was seen “throwing trash cans” at Café Ventanas.
1:44 a.m.: Report of battery
? An unknown subject reported receiving a bloody nose after being punched in the face at Porter’s Pub.
6:21 p.m.: Report of grand theft
? A flat-screen plasma television was stolen from Middle of Muir from an
unknown subject who “broke in through the back door.”
9:00 p.m.: Injury
? A male was reported as “bleeding from the head” after a skateboard
accident occurring at Frankfurter Hall.

Monday, Nov. 23
12:35 a.m.: Medical aid
? A 19-year-old female was reported as breathing irregularly after having a panic attack at Discovery Hall.
1:15 a.m.: Medical aid
? A female student was reported as fainting four times in 90 minutes at the Sixth College apartments.
3:44 a.m.: Noise disturbance
? A resident of the Miramar St. apartments reported hearing a “beeping noise” from her roommate’s locked bedroom.
12:17 p.m.: Animal call
? A small dog was reported as possibly “in distress” after being locked in a vehicle with the windows “slightly cracked” for an unknown amount of time. Unable to locate.
2:35 p.m.: Citizen contact
? A 65-year-old white male with a heavy build, recently released on
parole from prison, was reported as threatening to murder his wife if
she “goes through with their divorce.”
2:46 p.m.: General disturbance
? A member of the Koala student newspaper was reported as calling a passerby a “bitch” after she politely refused a handout of the newspaper on Library Walk.
3:37 p.m.: Citizen contact
? A fraternity member was suspected of fraud after failing to “get a receipt for all the cash” donated at a charity fundraiser for children’s literacy.

Tuesday, Nov. 24
? 3:27 p.m.: Argument
A black male wearing a tan sweatshirt and an Asian female wearing a blue sweatshirt were seen fighting at York Hall. Quiet on arrival.

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