Best Late-Night Dining

HIATUS-400block-20091118131940-1-KWOFF CAMPUS — Give Cotixan’s a rest and venture outside the La Jolla bubble to Fourth and Fifth Streets on University Avenue, where you’ll find a collection of soy-soaked dining options open ’til 3 a.m.

Best when drunk: Hong Kong Restaurant’s seasoned late-night staff won’t be bothered by your vodka-reeking ridiculousness — and its $10-max dishes will keep you from spending too much on drunk food. A delicious meal’s guaranteed; try the honey walnut shrimp for a good time.

Best for a date: After some elegant evening theater, unwind a little at Saigon on Fifth. True, meals are lean for their $10 to $20 prices, but at the least chic presentation will score you cool points in lieu of a doorstep moment.

Best for vegetarians: For something in between the indulgence of Hong Kong and class of Saigon, try Asian Bistro. All meals come with vegetarian options and range from $6 to $16. Dish names are priceless: Thai Me Down, Long Time No Sea and Yum Mama, to name a few.