Best Day Trip

OFF CAMPUS — Ever wanted to breathe underwater, or at least convince yourself you could? UCSD’s own Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography on Expedition Way holds over 60 Pacific fish tanks, one topping 70,000 gallons and sustaining a kelp forest. More importantly, it’s a safe way to maximize the effects of those special fungi you downed with some orange juice — with all the plush, ground-level, rounded-edge precautions that other intriguing shroom spots like the top of AP&M might not provide.

But if your dealer is lost somewhere in Mexico, the aquarium holds its own even in moments of sobriety. Take your family, a date or your friends to check out the 13,000 gallon shark tank — but better avoid shrooming by that one. Cue “Jaws” theme.