Study-Abroad Office Proud of Its Summer Programs

Dear Editor,

I would like to submit a letter to the editor in response to a letter published on Oct. 13.

We are particularly proud of our summer study-abroad programs, the Global Seminars, which have become especially popular in the UCSD community, with great reputations far and wide. Recently a note was published in the Guardian raising a few objections and containing false and misleading statements.

We invite any and all interested parties to come by the International Center to pick up materials on these programs, to meet with people responsible for them and hopefully to consider joining in one of these wonderful programs. We’ll respond to any and all concerns. We regret the false statements but stand ready to be totally responsive.

With full intentions of continuing the exceptional international programs, we look forward to new partnerships with students, staff and faculty at UCSD. To this end, we invite the university community to the annual Study Abroad Expo on Monday, Oct. 20 on Library Walk.

— Jim Galvin
Opportunities Abroad and Faculty Led Programs Director,
UCSD International Center
Programs Abroad Office