New 'Triton Resource' to Boost Research at SDSC

The San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD announced plans Oct. 14 for a new facility called the Triton Resource to house a massive data analysis and storage system.

According to SDSC officials, the new cyber infrastructure is intended to advance innovation, collaboration and discovery at SDSC.

A planning committee comprised primarily of UC researchers is still brainstorming ways to integrate the facility’s major elements into campus laboratories and utilize UCSD’s 10-gigabit research network.

“UC San Diego is building 21st-century campus research infrastructure to accelerate 21st-century research and education,” SDSC Director Fran Berman said. “The Triton Resource is a unique environment that will facilitate our ability to make sense of the tsunami of data available to us, and drive solutions of the most challenging problems in science and society.”