Richard Choi: Design Editor 2007-08

    (Erik Jepsen/Guardian)

    Wendy, first of all, for taking my cookies, beating me up
    and otherwise being the best person I could ever ask to spend my time with.
    Darin, for struggling with living with me for the past three years; we all know
    that trying to prove me wrong is a full time commitment! Jessica, thanks for
    being a super-cool pseudo twin, and thank your sister for me too. Charlie for
    doing drugs over the bathroom sink in Vegas and then profusely bleeding and
    telling me “Richard, don’t to do drugs” — don’t worry, I won’t. But you’ve
    thrown down for four years, you have a gem there Mr. Nguyen, guard it
    carefully. Danai, for being someone who won’t fucking motherfucking shut the
    fuck up Danai (you know what I mean), but for reals, you’ve been a good man all
    these years, take care of yourself. Andrew, I’m not sure how many rolled tacos
    and burritos we’ve eating together, but I’m sure it’s a lot. Rael, if you
    behave yourself, I’ll let you lick my butt too, but seriously, I had fun
    working with you the past few years. Matt McA for being the chillest and
    throwing awesome house parties, you have Mr. Nguyen’s gem, guard it carefully.
    The Yipster for being my Sunday meal ticket on occasion and sometimes on
    Thursday too, let me know if you need anymore tutoring, I’ll hook it up. Emily,
    for proving me right in hiring you, you’ll do great next year, tear some shit
    up for me. All the down to earth badass motherfuckers in wushu that spend the
    time to teach me. Sonia for being so fucking awesome in design, thank you for
    ripping that motherfucker apart this year. Chris K. for understanding me and my
    video games. Chris M. for being the best story teller I’ve ever seen. Grant,
    you were a tool, but you were everyone’s tool. Ian, I’ve never met a man in the
    Guardian (besides Clayton) that I respected more than you. And everyone, for
    having to put up with my behavior.

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