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    Freedom to Festivals: 2007-08 in Review

    “Don’t put it on the back of students; don’t send the
    message to the people we seek to serve [that] a
    $40,000 education is affordable. We’ve gone too far down this road of
    seeking help from students [and] that’s the wrong standard.”

    Eddie Island

    UC Regent

    “UC Grad Students to Endure Sharp Fee Hikes”

    Oct. 1, 2007

    “They effectively told me that because people didn’t like
    what I was speaking on that I had to stop. I have never seen in the Constitution
    the part about only saying things that people agree with.”

    — Jeff Wong

    Former UCSD Graduate Student

    “Campus Mulls Free Speech Policy Revision”

    Oct. 8, 2007

    “Establishing ‘free speech zones,’ as UCSD seeks to do here,
    undermines the fundamental conception of the American public university as a
    true marketplace of ideas.”

    — Samantha Harris

    Director of Legal and Public Advocacy for the Foundation for
    Individual Rights in Education

    “Campus Mulls Free Speech Policy Revision”

    Oct. 8, 2007

    “And it’s no wonder why administrators were so clandestine
    about the new document — the revision of section 501 of the UCSD Policy and
    Procedure Manual transformed a two-page guide to outdoor-space use, which
    generally aimed to protect constitutional freedoms while maintaining safety and
    functionality, into a 19-page paternalistic manifesto, which prohibits
    everything from chalking sidewalks to free gatherings of more than 10 people.”

    — Hadley Mendoza

    “Smothering Student Voices”

    Oct. 8, 2007

    “It was cool to have a presence in the corporate-dominated
    consumerism of the Price Center.
    However, I’m more focused on keeping the co-op alive. Spreading too thin was
    the reason why it had trouble.”

    — Adam Calo

    Muir College
    Senior and Food Co-op Employee

    “Food Co-op Grapples With Rent Issues, Satellite Closure”

    Oct. 15, 2007

    “At the end of the day this is the taxpayers’ money, this is
    the students’ money, and the students and taxpayers deserve to know how this
    money is being spent.”

    — Adam Keigwin

    Communications Director for State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San
    Francisco/San Mateo)

    “New Bill Puts Executive Salary Out in the Open”

    Oct. 18, 2007

    “The University of
    students are
    continuously facing out-of-control fees in addition to out-of-control housing
    costs around campus, which isn’t made any easier with the confusing
    financial-aid process. With these issues on a rise, it is even more vital now
    that ever that students are heard in the selection process for the next UC

    — Rabia Paracha

    Student Advisory Committee, UCSD Rep

    “Students Lobby for Input in Search for UC President”

    Nov. 5, 2007

    “If their [proposed free speech] policy as it was written
    went before a court of law, it would fail.”

    — David Blair-Loy

    San Diego ACLU Legal Director

    “ACLU Bashes Free Speech Policy”

    Dec. 3, 2007

    “While I cannot speak to any specific allegations, as a
    leader of the Greek community I can say that hazing is not tolerated by our
    Greek community and that any allegations are taken seriously.”

    — Liz Hill

    President, UCSD Panhellenic Council

    “National Investigators Probe Fraternity Hazing Allegations”

    Dec. 6, 2007

    “There were errors in maintaining those [grading] records,
    and I take responsibility for that. I’ll take responsibility, but I won’t take
    the responsibility of being called dishonest.”

    — Doris Alvarez

    Ex-Principal of Preuss School

    “Preuss Admins Tackle Post-Audit Damage Control”

    Jan. 7, 2008

    “You don’t take the most punishing step first. Let’s punish
    the 1 percent of people causing problems, not the rest of the law-abiding
    citizens, enjoying the beaches as they are.”

    — Jacob

    Ban the Ban 3 Organizer

    “Petition Deadlocks City Council Ban on

    Beach Booze”

    Jan. 10, 2008

    “Even if none of the 427 grade alterations were deliberate —
    a very unlikely scenario, according to the auditors — it doesn’t retroactively
    absolve Preuss administrators for allowing these problems to go unnoticed for
    many years.”

    — Editorial Board

    “Preuss Struggles to Make Grade Following Preventable

    Jan. 10, 2008

    “This budget proposal will have serious impacts on our
    ability to deliver on our mission for our students and for the people of

    — Robert C. Dynes

    UC President

    “Gov. Shorts UC’s Ideal Budget by $400M”

    Jan. 14, 2008

    “The governor may think that by pushing a stranglehold on
    state spending he’s delivering on his no-tax-increase promise to California
    citizens, but in reality he’s failed miserably. All he’s really done is
    insidiously dump it in the hands of overburdened students so that he can turn a
    blind eye and come out looking like the good guy to taxpayers. And for that, he
    should be ashamed.”

    — Natasha Naraghi

    “A Budget With Its Back Against the Wall”

    Jan. 14, 2008

    “When fees rise, qualified and hard-working students are
    blocked from attending the University of California. Already fees have risen
    faster than the average income of hardworking Californians.”

    — Louise Hendrickson

    UC Student Association President

    “Gov. Shorts UC’s Ideal Budget by $400M”

    Jan. 14, 2008

    “I would say other pledges definitely acquiesced to the
    brothers’ demands out of fear. Fear of both being reprimanded [or] blackballed
    and fear of not being accepted. Basically, they have to trade in their dignity
    to have the type of social life they envisioned when they entered college.”

    — Anonymous Former Sigma Nu Pledge

    “Claims of Frat Hazing Spark Several Investigations”

    Jan. 17, 2008

    “When we protested, we were told these orders [to change
    students’ grades] came from the top. This was not a secretive, surreptitious
    process. Everyone knew what I was doing. I was shocked this was so casual.”

    — Julianne Singer

    Former Preuss School Registrar’s Office Assistant

    “Two Camps Dispute Preuss Audit’s Validity”

    Jan. 22, 2008

    “I guess the daily hassles of ever-increasing tuition
    expenses, cramped and costly housing, outrageous textbook prices, overcrowded
    buses, downright shitty parking and a total rejection of student input just
    weren’t enough. Now UCSD’s staff is going out of its way to give students a big
    fat fuck-you when they’re at their weakest.”

    — Hadley Mendoza

    “Flu Season Is Playtime for Secretaries, Nurses”

    Jan. 28, 2008

    “The Food Co-op should have been granted full rent abatement
    immediately, not after a year of struggle that forced its members to visit the
    A.S. Council.”

    — Editorial Board

    “Yearlong Rent Battle Reveals Shady University Practices”

    Feb. 7, 2008

    “I don’t want to be screamed at while I’m eating lunch and
    be told I’m going to hell.”

    — Arian Mashhood

    University Centers Advisory Board Member

    “Price Center at Heart of Speech Debate”

    Feb. 7, 2008

    “The RSOs’ purpose is to ensure student safety. I think that
    the problem is that a lot of students feel that RSOs have overstepped their
    boundaries and have taken on more of a parental role.”

    — Marco Murillo

    A.S. President

    “RSO Report Stagnant After One Year”

    Feb. 7, 2008

    “The bottom line is that students need to keep a watchful
    eye on not only administrators but also other students — if we don’t protect
    our rights, no one else will.”

    — Hadley Mendoza

    “To Protect Freedom, Students Must Read Fine Print”

    Feb. 11, 2008

    “It’s not the function of A.S. Enterprises to waste student
    funds on resources people clearly don’t use and it’s not the responsibility of
    22,000 undergrads to finance an unpopular coffee shop.”

    — Alex Ahmed

    “Stale A.S. Enterprise Wastes Time and Money”

    Feb. 19, 2008

    “To call their behavior shady would be an understatement.
    Not only do I feel cheated out of the spirit of the contract, but every UCSD
    undergraduate TA should as well.”

    — Jonathan Kommemi

    Undergraduate Teaching Assistant and Revelle College Senior

    “Undergrad TA Contract: Teaching the Wrong Lesson?”

    Feb. 21, 2008

    “It’s a shame campus officials have become so accustomed to
    sucking money away from students that they don’t even realize they’re doing it

    — Editorial Board

    “Shady UCSD ‘Tradition’ Shafts Hardworking TAs”

    Feb. 21, 2008

    “I think [the administration’s] position from the beginning
    was that they didn’t see the point in asking students’ opinion … They basically
    said, ‘Look, we’ve already decided what’s going in the building, so this isn’t
    an issue we want student input on.’”

    — Dana Dahlstrom

    Former ARSFAB Student Rep

    “RIMAC Annex Center of Funding Debate”

    March 13, 2008

    “Looking at this year’s upcoming A.S. elections, one message
    seems to stand out above all the others: Despite their best efforts,
    councilmembers are adept at creatively thwarting themselves.”

    — Editorial Board

    “Size, Scope of Student Voice! Slate Dilutes Races”

    March 13, 2008

    “There is no question that the festival will need increased
    funding in the future. Even if the event doesn’t change at all next year, costs
    will increase, and we’re already beyond our current budget.”

    — Garrett Berg

    Sun God Festival Director

    “Rue Banks on Students to Pay for Larger Festival”

    April 10, 2008

    “It is shameful to see administrators on the sidelines in
    such a heavy student-interest issue; it is plain insulting that they are one of
    the few noncontributing parties in the new festival.”

    — Editorial Board

    “Sun God Saga to Stretch the Students’ Dollar”

    April 10, 2008

    “I feel that there has been an atmosphere of hostility. In
    fact, I was told that my suggestions were quote ‘horseshit.’ This is extremely
    unprofessional to me.”

    — Lynn Ta

    Dimensions of Culture Lecturer

    “Much Ado About D.O.C.”

    April 17, 2008

    “My view is that with tuition and fees, the closer to zero
    the better.”

    — Mark G. Yudof

    Incoming UC President

    May 1, 2008

    “This is a public institution in a free country, and if
    someone is bothering you with their Library Walk demonstration at lunchtime you
    should handle the situation like an adult.”

    — Hadley Mendoza

    “Don’t Tread on Us Tritons”

    May 12, 2008

    “Mad props to the Speedo-ed heroes who wouldn’t take ‘no Sun
    God booths’ for an answer, stopping at nothing to engineer a giant blue-tarp

    — Hadley Mendoza

    “Sun God MVPs: Speedo Champs, Gorillas and Legends”

    May 19, 2008

    “No one wants to
    strike, but the question is, how long can we wait? The university knows exactly
    what we need but they are not even coming close.”

    — Lakesha Harrison

    AFSCME Local 3299 President

    “Health, Service Workers Brace for Mass Walkout”

    May 27, 2008

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