From Awkward to Editor in Chief: Taking the Next Step

    I remember the first time I walked into the Guardian offices
    on the second floor of Student Center.
    It was four years ago and I was a wide-eyed freshman responding to an ad
    calling for copy readers. Entering the office, I met a group of editors who
    looked me up and down and referred me to the application box. A week later,
    after an interview and a grammar test, I was hired.

    And so I settled in somewhat awkwardly at the student
    newspaper, reading copy twice weekly for minimum wage — which I was really
    happy about, considering I had no idea the Guardian paid its employees when I
    decided to join. Usually keeping to myself and wearing my hoodie, I would sit
    at a corner computer in the production office on Wednesdays and Sundays,
    putting in my time to correct “its” versus “their” and mastering the nuances of
    Associated Press style.

    This was my routine for about a year, until a
    miscommunication issue erroneously led me to believe I was being approached to
    apply for the vacant position of associate news editor.

    Although I eventually found out the Guardian higher-ups
    weren’t courting me specifically, I applied anyway and after another round of
    interviews found myself with the title of “editor,” which was a little
    nerve-wracking considering I hadn’t written a single story for the newspaper
    when I got the job.

    But that push was all I needed to realize that the Guardian
    was my home. Year after year, each time I hammered out a last-minute interview,
    guided a writer through edits, thought of a riveting headline or reviewed a PDF
    at 2 a.m., I became more and more
    attached to the paper and everything that comes with it: an understanding of
    campus politics, culture and issues that affect students on an everyday basis.
    Plus, there’s that quasi-voyeuristic sense of pleasure that occurs when you see
    people reading your column in lecture, oblivious to the fact you’re sitting
    right next to them.

    I’m beyond lucky to have found the Guardian, and my
    editorship next year will undoubtedly be an adventure. Charles, you’ve shown me
    the meaning of dedication and the highs — and lows — that inevitably accompany
    such a position, so let me be the first to admit that you’ll be a tough act to
    follow. But I’m definitely ready. And to the 2008-09 staff, let’s do it.

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