Price, Student Centers Making Long-Awaited Debuts

    Illustration by Adam Peltier/Guardian

    If you build it, they will come.” It’s more than a quotable
    from “Field of Dreams,” it’s a lifelong adage, proved true by our own school’s
    stirring progress of construction at its two main hubs: Student Center and
    Price Center. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing students finally
    occupying what used to be dirt patches and parking spaces for cranes and

    Nearly all the walkways are now paved and accessible in Student
    . The area’s parking lot,
    previously a cramped clutter of fenced-off construction supplies and materials,
    has doubled in size. The General Store Co-op, Food Co-op, Bike Shop and new
    Treehouse Lounge now see more foot traffic, perhaps the healthiest sign of an
    active campus. “The hump” is adorned on its edges with concrete landscaping,
    where students now sit between classes to absorb a few pages of reading. Others
    catch some sun in Student Center’s
    central courtyard, where the space previously jammed up by A.S. Soft Reserves
    is wide open and occupied by the occasional sunbather. Studying abounds in the
    student lounge, where the attraction could be the plush cushion armchairs, warm
    fireplace or occasional waft of Asiatic herbs and spices from Hi Thai.
    Even Porter’s Pub is a beneficiary; the normally roughshod eatery now boasts
    the cosmetic amenity of graveled pathways and a few greening trees.

    On May 12, Price Center
    will celebrate the official opening of the building’s east atrium, a collection
    of retail restaurants and eateries. Within six months, the area will see the
    opening of ____ businesses, including Burger King, Tapioca Express and ____
    Grill. The Sunshine Market is currently the area’s only attraction, but the
    lounge and sitting areas outside the grocery store’s entrance are already
    filling up modestly with students. Imagine the hustle-and-bustle of future
    lunch hours, when the choice of Mexican food doesn’t bind you to Rubio’s or
    when deciding on Asian cuisine doesn’t pigeonhole you to Panda Express’
    three-item combo.

    To see Student Center and Price Center as lively and vibrant
    as they are now, and to foresee the two areas soon pulsating with even more
    student life, is the gratifying culmination of waiting unknowingly for years,
    frustratingly maneuvering around blocked walkways and cursing the phrase
    “weather delays” that seemed so ubiquitous to administrators. It’s all finally
    built, and we’re coming.

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