The Sopranos

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“The Sopranos” remains, in many minds, America’s best television show ever. A heady claim, maybe, but only to somebody with their head up their ass. No other show has come closer to defining modern America with its blunt, often brutal, truisms on life, culture and the Mob experience. The question now is: Should that scare us? Is it healthy to link Americana with Tony Soprano, the leather-wearing “Captain of Industry” whose hulking frame we see lounging in the backyard in the midnight hour, AK-47 propped on his knee, puffing his fat Cuban? If that image (Season 4, Episode 1) doesn’t define American bad-assery, you’ve gone “ubatz.” Check the blog regularly to see the next episode showtime on Triton Cable, plus a personal fav moment and some multimedia!

Season 5, Episode 9

Season 5, Episode 10