Lights and Sirens

    Friday, Sept. 14
    12:56 a.m.: Noise disturbance
    ▶ Residents of an apartment on Miramar Street were reported as singing loudly. Quiet on arrival.
    9:21 a.m.: Noninjury accident
    ▶ A vehicle collided with a car wash at a Campus Services Complex garage.
    5:15 p.m.: Trespass
    ▶ An older male was described as doing laundry in a facility on Regents Road. Gone on arrival.

    Saturday, Sept. 15

    1:10 p.m.: Report of Burglary
    ▶ A storage box was reported stolen from Che Cafe.
    10:21 p.m.: Suspicious vehicle
    ▶ A subject was reported as camping outside a vehicle at the glider
    port on Torrey Pines Scenic Drive. Field interview administered.

    Sunday, Sept. 16
    12:52 a.m.: Animal call
    ▶ A bicyclist almost hit a three-foot-long rattlesnake in Earl Warren
    College. The San Diego Police Department called Animal Control, who
    reportedly refused to come to the location unless someone stood by with
    the snake.
    7:02 p.m.: General disturbance
    ▶ Police were called when a white male was allegedly verbally abusive
    toward Thornton Hospital security officers. Arrest misdemeanor.
    11:09 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ Security at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology could
    not wake an Asian male transient sleeping near the west side of the

    Monday, Sept. 17
    10:52 a.m.: Argument disturbance
    ▶ A white male in his mid-20s yelled loud religious comments at a female on Gilman Drive.
    11:09 a.m.: Harassing phone call
    ▶ A nonaffiliate repeatedly called the Deep Sea Drilling Program to complain about projects taking place in the facility.

    Tuesday, Sept. 18
    9:10 a.m.: Hazard situation
    ▶ A tree branch fell in the middle of Hopkins Drive and North Point Lane, blocking traffic.
    10:39 a.m.: Water leak
    ▶ The ground-floor north corridor of Pacific Hall flooded.
    1:16 p.m.: Skateboard stop
    ▶ Two white males were seen trick skating between Svedrup Hall and Sumner Hall. Arrest misdemeanor.
    6:13 p.m.: Tampering with a vehicle
    ▶ All four tires and rims were stolen from a vehicle parked on Miramar Street.

    Wednesday, Sept. 19
    3:43 p.m.: Noninjury accident
    ▶ A UCSD shuttle collided with a United States Postal Service truck at Villa La Jolla Drive.
    5:21 p.m.: Stolen vehicle
    ▶ A Latino male with heavy tattoos was seen breaking into a black Mercedes SUV in Lot 752. Gone on arrival.
    5:41 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ▶ Officers were called to University Centers Building 111A when a
    possibly intoxicated white male was seen inside the kitchen. Gone on
    9 p.m.: Burglary
    ▶ A person was heard taking a shower in Earth Hall South when no one should have been living at that residence. Gone on arrival.

    Thursday, Sept. 20

    5:43 p.m.: General disturbance
    ▶ A gray-haired white male in his 60s was seen changing clothes at the
    locker room desk in RIMAC. He did not have a current access card. Field
    interview administered.
    8:05 p.m.: Possession of marijuana
    ▶ One male was seen smoking marijuana outside Kathmandu Hall in the presence of two other males. Field interview administered.

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