Props and Flops

Flops to the restrictive, paternalistic “acceptable use policy.”

Props to UCSD administrators for paying attention to student satisfaction and diagnosing problems within the community.

Flops to the UC administration for their still-unmet promises of accountability for the pay scandal.

Props to the UCLA study that found that marijuana use and cancer are not linked.

Flops to the university for not renewing the lease for Porter’s Pub, one of the most popular student hangouts on campus.

Props to the expanded critical patient services at Thornton Hospital.

Flops to My Chemical Romance. (Need we say more?)

Props to students for pressuring the administration into restoring O.A.S.I.S. funding.

Flops to the police incentive policy, which would have given gift certificates to officers whose actions led to arrests for property theft, but police Chief Orville King said was never implemented.

Props to A.S. President Harry Khanna and the A.S. Council for expanding the funding for A.S. Safe Ride next year.

Flops to the loophole-ridden bureaucracy of the food-safety system.

Props to students for saying no to censorship on SRTV.

Flops to the sub-par commencement speakers.

Props to Tim Hawkinson’s “Bear” in Earl Warren College, the latest addition to the Stuart Art Collection.

Flops to Marquis Hart, a UCSD liver transplant surgeon, for neglecting his duties at UC Irvine, leading to the avoidable deaths of 30 patients who never received their organs.

Props to the finally finished new Student Center, which houses the largest LGBT Resource Center of any public university.