Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I wanted to clarify a quote that I made in the the Guardian [“Students Mum Over Proposed Rule Changes,” May 1] saying, “I feel that our administrators don’t give a shit about students’ opinions anyway.”

I did not mean to imply all administrators — just that administrators such as acting Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Gary Ratcliff and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Joseph W. Watson have not made any progressive efforts to listen to student opinion regarding the SRTV debacle. Had they, the Acceptable Use Policy would not be a complete contradiction of what students voted for in the special election.

I’ve worked with a number of administrators and faculty on projects this year to improve student-faculty interactions, student life, school spirit and much more. I’ve found that the administrators in colleges, especially Revelle, are more than willing to extend a hand to their students — many are UCSD alumni and realize the importance of education outside the classroom.

I was referring more to the division of Student Affairs that constantly denies A.S. and student requests to better the campus life through more controversial measures. Students wanted a beer garden at Sun God. When A.S. President Jenn Pae constructed a solid plan, as asked for by Dr. Watson, to prioritize safety and security for a beer garden during the day of Sun God, it was flat-out rejected.

When the A.S. Council wanted Triton Taxi (now A.S. Safe Ride — get your free card for a safe ride home in time for Sun God on the third floor of Price Center!) to be able to have online waivers and simpler ways of signing up for the program, Dr. Watson said no because, to my understanding, it would promote alcohol consumption and make the school look bad. He seems more worried about conservative donations than a well-run and successful program that has been initiated at almost every top-notch university in the nation.

A.S. Safe Ride is designed to give UCSD students a safe ride home, no matter what the circumstances, whether it be an intoxicated driver or an uncomfortable situation. Why does everyone seem to think we are a dry campus? We aren’t. Students at or above the legal age should be able to enjoy a beer on campus. It’s situations like these two, among others that I’ve seen, that make me question our vice chancellor of Student Affairs’ real passion for the students of UCSD.

— Rachel Corell

Revelle College Senior Senator