Biggest Waste of A-List Celebrities: Be Cool

Last time A-listers Uma Thurman and John Travolta were paired up onscreen, they danced the Watusi between smoky folds of the ultra-hip, drugged-out crimson cloak that was “Pulp Fiction.” “Be Cool,” titled after a common sentiment expressed throughout the Tarantino classic, has crapped on the script by which it was christened. Thurman and Travolta are now dancing to a different tune — by the Black Eyed Peas-featuring Sergio Mendez — and though they still light up the screen with all the talent that made them big stars, it’s only enough to make a terrible movie bearable.

A-list or not, there is an over-abundance of celebrity in “Be Cool.” Its cast includes Danny DeVito, Vince Vaughn, André 3000, Steven Tyler, Christina Milian, The Rock, Wyclef Jean, Fred Durst, Gene Simmons, the Pussycat Dolls and countless other key players in 21st century pop culture all trying to get their two cents in. The result is a muddled (if mildly amusing) party bag of wannabe “Pulp,” worth only the flashy names on the guest list.