The Guardian’s statewide special election endorsements

San Diego Mayor- Donna Frye

No on Proposition 73- Abortion notification

Why we oppose it:

The measure includes too many “poison pills” — even for those who favor parental notices.

No on Proposition 74- Teacher tenure

Why we oppose it:

Bad teachers ought to get the boot, but not through the measure’s clumsy language, which makes the profession considerably less attractive.

No on Proposition 75- Union dues

Why we oppose it:

The initiative is too narrow in scope to disable union’s sway over legislation.

No on Proposition 76- California’s budget

Why we oppose it:

Under the initiative, state government would lose its key checks and balances.

No on Proposition 77- Redistricting

Why we oppose it:

Though attractive in theory, the measure is rushed and leaves too many questions unanswered.

No on Proposition 78- Prescription drugs

Why we oppose it:

The lack of an enforcement mechanism makes this proposition a dud.

No on Proposition 79- Prescription drugs

Why we oppose it:

Problems of vague language and unlikely federal approval overwhelm this proposition’s promise.

No on Proposition 80- Utility reregulation

Why we oppose it:

The measure is too complicated to work and is likely to be struck down, since it appears to be unconstitutional.

Vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8

from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.